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Sons of the Never Wrong is a turbo-charged Alt folk trio from Chicago that delivers witty, whimsical songs with their signature soaring vocal harmonies and gorgeous arrangements. Bruce Roper, Sue Demel and Deborah Lader come together to create wildly original music that combines influences of folk, Americana, jazz, pop and rock. With their contagious energy and hilarious banter, their odd ball humor and spontaneous stories ignite their live shows and have earned them a cult-like international following for over 30 years. Here’s what others have to say about the Sons...

"Their vocals lean on jazzy syncopation counterpoint and their lyrics are even more willing to cross from realism to surrealism." ~ Washington Post

"One song and you're a fan for life." ~ Hemmens Theater

"This trio has become one of folk music's most unique & acclaimed bands." ~ Grand Rapids Press

"One of the best folk bands of our time out pushing the envelope once again with some of the most literate, provocative lyrics around." ~ Midwest Record

"The Sons have revolutionized the world of folk." ~ UniverCity Magazine

"Folk Music Reinvented: Sons keep pushing the genre forward." ~ Southwestern Observer


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