Keweenaw Storytelling Center
215 5th Street
Calumet Township, Michigan 49913

About this event

A unique father and son instrumental collaboration creating intricate, flowing & rhythmic sonic weavings inspired by Latin, Jazz and World Music. A duo since 2009, Jerry and Ryan's have been astounding audiences across the midwest with their exquisite original compositions and superb musicianship.

What people are saying about Younce Guitar Duo

"Their sets are always so beautifully crafted with intricate melodies that create an intimate experience. Their warm, soulful sound is always accessible and consistently strong and energetic."  John Dow Williams, Owner of Johnny's Speakeasy, Ann Arbor

"…..a couple guitar wizards who blitzed our audience with awe inspiring riffs!"  Anthony Williams, Owner Freshwater Concert Venue

"The show was exceptional. These guys really know how to play!" Mike Shupe, Owner Orpheum Theatre, Hancock, MI

" A Younce Guitar Duo performance takes listeners on a musical journey colored by influences of Jazz, Gypsy Guitar, Flamenco, Latin and other World Music. This father and son collaboration creates music that both moves and exhilarates!," Rebecca Glotfelty, Owner Cycling Salamander Art Gallery and Concert Venue.

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