Deertrees Theatre
156 Deertrees Road
Harrison, Maine 04040

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Fri, July 30, 2021 - 7:30 PM
Deertrees Theatre - Harrison, Maine
All Ages
Event Description

Christine Hurley and Lori McKenna present
 “Lyrics and Laughter”​ 
Sponsored by Trish and Mike Murrin

At Deertrees they will present  “Lyrics and Laughter”- An Evening with Grammy Award winner Lori McKenna and The Queen of Boston Comedy, Christine Hurley!

Christine Hurley loves what she does…making people laugh! Married to Jimmy Hurley and having five kids, Christine is never at a loss for comedic material. Like any great comedian, Christine has an innate ability to see humor in “everyday” situations. For years, she entertained family, friends and neighbors in their kitchens, at barbeques and the grocery store aisles. The only difference now is she uses a microphone and a stage.  Christine’s maiden voyage into the world of stand up comedy was an open audition in New York City. The television network Nick at Nite was looking for “AMERICA’S FUNNIEST MOM.” She figured if it didn’t go well, no one in New York would have known who she was anyway…
Turns out it went well! Out of thousands of entries, Christine was selected to be a finalist on the nationally televised show. The producers of the show included Carol Leifer (Seinfeld show producer), Jeff Singer (talent scout, Montreal Comedy Festival), Jeffrey Ross (Comedy Central roast master) and actress Sandra Bernhardt. Her stories and views on motherhood and marriage are exactly what everyone is living through…people get it and love it!  Christine Hurley has quickly become a favorite in the comedy world. She works with, and is respected by Boston’s comedic legends. Among them being; Don Gavin, Lenny Clarke, Steve Sweeney, Paul D’Angelo, Paul Nardizzi, Patty Ross, Tony V, Loretta Laroche,…and her biggest fan and mentor Johnny Pizzi.
Lori McKenna has won 3 “Best Country Song” Grammy Awards!  She has written many songs for Faith Hill and Keith Urban.  She has won Grammys for Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” and Tim McGraw’s number 1 song “Humble and Kind”.  Lori has also published many of her own albums!
So what do a musician and a comedian have in common?  Aside from each being acclaimed artists within their own disciplines,  they were both “late bloomers” in their respective fields.  Lori and Christine both married their high school sweethearts and each of them raised 5 kids prior to breaking into their successful careers!  Enjoy a night of great music and laughs before chatting with the ladies during an interactive Q and A session after the show!

a $2.00 Heritage Fee is included in your ticket price.