Meetups, Conferences & Workshops

Take the Hassle out of Organizing Your Meetup

Be more productive and have more fun at your next social or professional meetup. Shareable event pages, real time ticket tracking, and enhanced check in let you focus on the big picture while Ticketstripe takes care of the details.


From social groups to civic organizations, business groups, and charities – mingling shouldn’t be hard work. Ticketstripe’ streamlined interface allows you to easily:

  • create a shareable event page
  • keep track of the guest list
  • and discover the source of your leads (which can help your next networking event be an even bigger success)


Spreading the word has never been easier. Ticketstripe’s online promotion platform allows you to easily share your workshop’s branded web page via social media and is discoverable by search engines to grow your audience easily.

Our mobile app allows you to streamline the check in process to improve your guests’ experience. And, practical acquisition reports help you determine where to focus future event marketing.


Company-wide or industry-wide, organizing a conference can be a hassle without the right framework. Ticketstripe makes managing registration, tracking attendance, and measuring promotion channels simple.

The easy-to-use interface gets your conference’s promotion and ticketing up and running in just a few clicks. And if the event is free, there are no fees!


  1. Sign up for a free Ticketstripe account or log in to your current account.
  2. Proceed to creating an event by clicking Create Event.
  3. Fill in your event details and create your first ticket.
  4. Connect your Ticketstripe account with Stripe to enable direct deposits.
  5. Start promoting your event page and selling tickets!