Free for Event Organizers

When you sell tickets using Ticketstripe, fees are paid by the ticket buyers.

Service Fee (USD $)

2.50 + $ 0.99

per ticket sold

We are proud to provide you the best tools in the industry combined with lower fees. If you are a nonprofit or charitable organization, click here for special pricing.

Credit Card Processing Fee (USD $)

2.90 +  $ 0.30

per transaction

No merchant account necessary. Use Stripe to accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. No setup fees. No monthly fees. No contracts. Direct deposits within 2 days of every ticket purchase.

Get your money fast


With Ticketstripe’s payment processing options you don’t have to wait days or weeks until after your event to collect your ticket proceeds!

We make it easy to manage your sales and refunds by depositing transactions directly to your bank account within 2 days.

*The first transaction processed with New Stripe Accounts will take up to 7 days for bank account verification.

Always Free for Free Events

All the tools you need to create a private-branded event page, promote it and manage attendees are free to use.

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