How do I accept donations?

The easiest way to accept donations is by creating Donation Tiers. This can done in the same way you would create an event ticket.

Studies show that creating 4-6 donation tiers or giving levels drives donations. This allows your donors to easily select the right tier for them.

When creating Donation Tiers it’s important to keep the descriptions short and select tiers that appeal to your audience.

Every Nonprofit is unique, so you will know best how to structure, name and describe your tiers. However, here are a few examples of what other Nonprofit customers have used:

Person-to-Person Tiers
$100 Covers 12 months of training for one child
$200 Trains two community violence prevention activists for a full year

$25 Covers one co-pay for a doctor’s visit or a prescription
$50 Provides nutritious groceries for one senior (age 65+) in need

$75 One 60 minute personalized yoga grief session
$150 Cover a month of grief support groups

$25 Slam Dunk
$50 Grand Slam
$75 Touchdown