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Collect custom information from attendees

Ticketstripe’s Order Forms make it easy to collect additional information from your attendees, such as meal preferences, t-shirt sizes, reserved table names, and more. Simply create custom questions for attendees to answer when they register.

Throwing a wine event?  Ask your attendees what their wine preference is and let them choose between the options you will have available. Serving a sit-down meal at your event? Customize your order form to know how many guests want the chicken, how many want the fish, and how many want the vegetarian option. Ask as many as you need to personalize each attendee’s experience.

1. Log in to your account and click on your Event

2. Click on Order Form from the left Menu

3. Click the Add Question button

4. Type your question into the Question Prompt field

5. Select the format for answer options from the Question Type dropdown field

  • If you select Radio Buttons, Dropdown, or Checkboxes format, you will need to fill in Available Options 
  • If you select the Number dropdown to accompany your question, the Ticket Buyer will be able to select a number at checkout as shown here:
  • If you select the Text dropdown, the Ticket Buyer will be able to enter their text answer into an empty box next to your question
  • If you select the Paragraph Text dropdown, the Ticket Buyer will be able to enter several lines of text into an empty box next to your question

6. To require any of the above information from each attendee, select Attendee from the Collect Per dropdown field

  • Tick any of the following boxes that apply to your Question:

TIP: Checkboxes are not intended for a disclaimer type of question because not checking a box also indicates an answer, and, more importantly, it will not prevent your attendee from processing their order. Checkboxes are primarily used for questions like: “Check this box IF…..“. For disclaimers, use a Radio Button, as this field type will require your attendee to provide an answer.

7. Click Save to save your customization

8. You will then see the Order Form main screen. If you need to know the Name associated with the specific information you are requesting, select Attendee from the Collect per column next to Name, as shown below.
add multiple names per ticket order