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How to let multiple people sell tickets to my event?

Ticketstripe’s Promoter functionality makes promoting an event with multiple people and tracking ticket sales easy.

  1. Login to your account and click on your Event
  2. Click PROMOTER from the left menu
  3. Click ADD PROMOTER and fill in the promoter’s name and email address
  4. (Optional) Create a Custom Link for your promoter to use, i.e., https://ticketstripe.com/michaels-tickets
  5. Choose the tickets you would like to make available to this promoter.
  6. Click Save

How it Works:

An email will be sent to the individual with the details of your event, a trackable link, as well as an invitation to login into their Ticketstripe account.

The custom link is what each promoter will share with their audiences.  The ticket buyer will click through that link, land on your event page, and purchase. The promoter will get credit for that ticket sale.

  • Promoters are not able to change any event details.
  • Promoters can only see their own sales and RSVPs.

If you need to limit the quantity of tickets each promoter can sell, you will need to create hidden ticket with the specified quantity available and then assign that ticket to the promoter in the Promoter section.

Reporting and Sales:

In the Event Organizer’s account dashboard, you will be able to track all promoter sales via the PROMOTER section and ATTENDEE LIST section.

  • You will see promoter performance for ticket sales as well as free signups.
  • All funds for the tickets sold are deposited into your merchant account, regardless of which promoter link sales came from.
  • Ticketstripe does not handle fund sharing for promoters, just tracking.