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Passing on fees

Organizers have the following fee options with every paid ticket or donation:

  • Pass payment processing and service fees to the buyer
  • Absorb payment processing and service fees
  • Pass the service fee to the buyer and absorb the payment processing fee

Ticketstripe Fees

When you pass on Ticketstripe’s service fees, the buyer pays all of Ticketstripe’s fees, and you pay zero.

Payment Processor Fees

When you pass on payment processing fees, Ticketstripe passes on the default Stripe or PayPal processing fees to the buyer.

Sometimes, your Payment Processor will charge a higher fee for a transaction, such as if your attendee uses a payment method that exceeds the default fee. This is beyond our control as Ticketstripe only passes on the default fee for either payment processor and all transactions.  The difference in fees charged vs collected from the buyer will be deducted from your account by your payment processor.


While most customers will purchase using a credit card, if you enable accepting Klarna, this will incur a higher fee.

If you have nonprofit pricing with Stripe, they charge less for some credit cards and more for others, such as American Express.


While most customers will purchase using a credit card, PayPal enables you to accept Venmo, which incurs a slightly higher processing fee.

Learn about Stripe and PayPal’s processing fees.

When creating tickets and donations, the “Pass All Fees to the Buyer” will be selected by default.  To change the fee setting, navigate to the Ticket or Donation item, click Edit, and then click More Options. Select your desired fee option from the dropdown under Fees.

Fees are deducted automatically and refunds can be processed via your Ticketstripe dashboard.