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Create Pay-What-You-Wish tickets

Pay-What-You-Wish or Pay-What-You-Can tickets are extremely popular. Ticketstripe makes it easy for you to sell pay-what-you-wish tickets.

What it is:

This ticket type allows the attendee to pay any amount for an admission ticket.

Pay-what-you-wish ticket example

How to create a PWYW ticket:

1. Click on your event

2. Click on Tickets from the left menu and then Add Tickets

3. Select Pay-What-You-Wish from the dropdown options

create pay what you wish tickets

4. Enter a descriptive title for your ticket, such as Pay-What-You-Wish Admission or Pay-What-You-Can Ticket

5. Enter a Minimum price for the ticket or leave it zero for free admission

6. Enter the number of PWYW tickets available in Quantity

7. Click on More Options to add a short description, select fee options, enter a message after purchase, and more relevant details. In the above example, we use the short description field to add information about the minimum price for this ticket and to share the full-price ticket value.