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Sell Tickets Online

For an event organizer, a lot of the success (and profitability) is determined by how many tickets you sell. If you are looking to improve your sales, you need a better way to sell your tickets online. Ticketstripe is a powerful, full-featured online sales and advertisement platform for events of all stripes. Event organizers have used our platform to sell tickets to everything from rock concerts to food festivals, from charity fundraisers to school reunions.

Where Do You Sell Your Online Tickets?

If you are already selling tickets online, you’re likely using one of two methods. Either:

1) You’re selling from your own website, which, depending on the tools you are using, can make it difficult to attract buyers, track sales, send receipts, collect payments, and keep everything straight OR

2) You’re using one of those massive platforms that drops you in over your head and leaves you struggling to make sense of the functionality and/or holds on to your payments until after your event.

There is a better way (and a better place). Ticketstripe is user-friendly, powerful and offers two day rolling deposits.

Our platform keeps all of your metrics straight and your stats easy to manage while tapping in to the power of search engine optimization, local search results, social sharing, and online payments.

We Make Selling Your Tickets Online Easier

Our user interface is streamlined, easy-to-use, and manageable for almost anyone—including people who aren’t completely comfortable with “tech” terminology. But just because we designed our system to be easy-to-use doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most effective online ticket sales platforms around.

With Ticketstripe you can:

Create Customizable Events Pages
Use your own company logos, contact information, graphics, sales copy, and brand identity to create pages that are uniquely yours. This is a tremendous marketing opportunity and can help you build essential momentum to turn a single event into a long stretch of successful ones.

Mobile Optimized Event Pages
Ticketstripe’s event pages are 100% mobile optimized—essential for capturing traffic from searches in your area. (46% of online sales begin at a search engine—most likely Google).

Use Social Media Effectively
Every Ticketstripe events page has built-in social sharing. This allows people to easily share your event with their network, which adds up to free advertising. Plus when people market your event to their friends it’s more effective than cold advertisements could ever be. Consumers are much more likely to “buy” when a product or service (or show) is recommended by a trusted friend.

Assign Affiliate Accounts to Your Event
The Ticketstripe online ticket sales platform lets you assign affiliate accounts easily. This magnifies the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and can dramatically increase overall sales.

Track Sales in Real Time
Keeping track of sales is essential for event organizers. The logistics of putting together a huge concert or charity event can be mind boggling for the best of us. Tracking ticket sales in real time lets you keep your finger on pulse of your event from the start. You know when to ramp up the marketing, when to offer the upsell, and when to arrange for more seating at the venue!

Free Events are Always Free
Ticketstripe allows people to promote free-to-attend events online without ever charging a dime. This is a great opportunity for charities and not for profits to cash in on no-cost online promotion and ticket sales.

Fast Payment Every Time

One of the things that can strangle the success of any event (especially charity events) is lack of cash flow. Unless you have substantial capital at the outset, you’re really limited in terms of what you can and can’t do to make your event amazing. Ticketstripe can help alleviate those cash flow problems with expedited payments.

First, our platform accepts all major credit cards (which makes it easy for your customers to buy).

Second, you get your money within just two days of every ticket sale.

That constant in-flow of cash can help you:

  • Ensure vendors and venues are getting paid on time
  • Add a welcome boost to your advertising campaign when you need it
  • Provide a “cushion” for unforeseen “speed bumps”
  • And increase your overall profitability

Let Ticketstripe Help You Sell Your Tickets Online

If you’re in the planning stages of your next event, let Ticketstripe be your online ticket sales outlet. Come see the difference that thoughtful planning and a powerful platform can make to your sales, attendance, and profitability.

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