successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits

20 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Fundraising is a significant and vital way to gather necessary finances while inviting benefactors and donors to partake in a unique and thrilling experience that reflects the cause they’re supporting.

When you think of fundraising, images of stuffy suits and forced small talk often come to mind. No more! We’re ready to shake that snow globe up and experience some magical new connections. Historians have said that after a plague comes a Renaissance era of art, music, and culture- and we know that the next decade of events will be no different. Read on for a list of successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits that will bring sparkle to any soiree.

  1. Comedy Club: Get ready for a night of laugh-out-loud entertainment. Create a lineup of local comedians, or have your guests take a crack at the mic! Cocktails and comedy- what could be better?
  2. Classic Cinema: Audrey Hepburn, Rita Haywood, Humphrey Bogart… A la Big Little Lies, treat yourself to an elegant evening by dressing as your favorite Hollywood golden age stars. Signature movie cocktails and a red carpet walk add a hint of extra glamour.
  3. Bridgerton Ball: Dust off your Jane Austen and be ready to promenade around the room at a Bridgerton-inspired Ball! Revel in the glamour of the Regency era and waltz the night away.
  4. Heroes v. Villains: Ready for the ultimate battle royale? Dress as a classic hero, villain, or couple combo, and be ready to take over the world. (Or at least the party!)
  5. Hoedown Throwdown: Spin your partner round and round to Dolly and the Dixie Chicks for this shindig. An oldie but a goodie, this rodeo is sure to rustle up an audience. Complete with plenty of country photo ops and BBQ for a night of hoots and hollers.
  6. Around the World: Be a citizen of the world with an around-the-globe tasting party! Set up tables with different cuisines and countries, and play a blend of music to create a multicultural ambiance.
  7. Breakfast In Bed: Combine class and comfort with this cozy idea. Perfect for a brunch event- or breakfast for dinner- have your guests dress in their sleepwear best to eat breakfast staples and surprises! Add a waffle or omelet bar to have people lining up to join.
  8. Pet-a-Palooza: Whether you dig up a pet adoption party or just want to honor man’s best friends- throw a pet-a-palooza for a tail-wagging time!
  9. Beast Mode: Break out the high school letterman jackets and fantasy football jerseys to go wild with a sports event. Dedicate the night to your favorite team or to the general love of the game. Don’t forget the buffalo dip!
  10. Lock-In: Fire up the fundraising by organizing a lock-in! Whether you opt for a luxe or camp aesthetic- have dedicated areas for games and sleeping. Add an open bar, DJ, and projector for additional fun!
  11. Night at the Aquarium: There’s just something glamorous about an aquarium at night! Dazzle your guests with exotic creatures and culinary delights for a sleek soiree “under the sea”.
  12. Drive-In: Add some vintage nostalgia to your fundraising with a drive-in! Charge by the car, serve some tasty treats, and create the ultimate viewing party for a funny favorite, golden-aged, or cult classic.
  13. Talent Show: Time to let those hidden talents loose with a good old-fashioned talent show. Whether you’re rocking your karaoke songs or busting a move- it’s sure to be a memorable evening!
  14. Boat Bonanza: Black tie and boats seem like a fated fundraiser pairing. Whether you cruise around the harbor or stay docked, your guests will be transported to Titanic-like elegance (minus the sinking!)
  15. Graffiti Night: Take a bolder approach to a painting and wine night with a graphic graffiti event! Disperse canvases, or talk to business owners who might be comfortable with a new coat of paint. Express your inner artist in a radical new way!
  16. Disco Divas: Recreate Studio 54 in all its glory with a 70s extravaganza! Revel in glitter and go-go dancers for a night of disco and debauchery. Bring a DJ to spin your favorite hits and groove all night!
  17. Sock Hop: Bop and hop to classic rock n’ roll with a 1950s sock hop. Screen some old-fashioned movies on a projector, whip up some milkshakes, and reach out to high school jazz bands or big band covers to bring an authentic flair to the evening.
  18. Whodunit: If you’re looking for that murder mystery moxie with a touch of glamour- you’ve found it in a classic whodunit. With dozens of Google-able mysteries, you can tailor it for your specific group and ensure that everyone has a turn to get caught up in the drama.
  19. Wonderland: It’s everyone’s Unbirthday with a Wonderland tea party! Marry whimsy and fantasy with your own Mad Hatter soiree. A long charcuterie board and a mish-match of sweets will be a delectable delight to your guests!
  20. Scavenger Hunt: Excite the inner child of all your guests by creating the ultimate scavenger hunt! Pepper prizes along the path to keep your team engaged, and end with a deluxe pizza party.

We hope that these fundraising ideas have sparked some inspiration for your next nonprofit fundraiser. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to have fun. Delegate the responsibilities, and don’t get overly caught up in all the details that you forget to enjoy the evening. Be sure to share your event photos with us at @ticketstripe!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do!