Sell tickets in person with the app

Ticketstripe’s Box Office App

There’s something a bit old-school romantic and nostalgic about the box office. Maybe it conjures images of people bustling around a Broadway theater, Saturday movie matinees with your grandparents, or breathless anticipation at some amazing concert– crossing your fingers that they had two seats left! When you think of the box office, whatever flashes to your mind is likely flushed with the giddy anticipation of what you are about to experience. It’s a good feeling.

What if you could capture that hum of excitement by offering tickets at the door? With our box office app you can do just that.

Many of your patrons will have purchased their tickets in advance, and some may snag a spot the morning before. Regardless of your patron’s purchasing style, you will want a ticketing option that works for everyone! By including a ‘sell-at-the-door’ option, you’ll adopt a more-the-merrier mindset, encouraging last-minute attendees to join in on the fun.

Ready to learn more about our latest app and its on-site advantages? Let’s get started.

About the App

When guests purchase tickets on-site with cash, organizers typically have no way to account for those sales or gather any contact information from their attendees. Plus, with the near-universal switch to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards, they can miss out on added revenue by not accepting card and wallet payments. Our box office app is here to help!

With our streamlined system, you can easily accept card and cash payments at the door– immediately issuing tickets and capturing your attendee’s information. This patron intel helps with reports, future marketing strategies, and identifying your target demographic. Knowing the type of patron who frequents your events helps you strategically steer the marketing and overall theme of future gatherings toward that group—bringing in the money and the people.

Ensuring your team can accept payments the day of has undeniable funding and psychological benefits that wow your audience and bring them back for more!

Increase Revenue

If your company introduces more ways to gain entry to your event, ipso facto, you’ll make more money! As our box office app was designed to process cash, credit card, and wallet transactions, you’ll be sure to maximize your profits.

Pro tip: add a day-of social media marketing plug with a discounted rate to bring in additional attendees.

Keep the Line Moving

With the app, at-the-door purchases immediately generate tickets so you can pass attendees through with one tap. In addition to our box office app, give the following techniques a try to streamline and maximize your check-in process:

  • Fire on all cylinders when you enable multiple staff members to check in attendees from numerous mobile devices with the app.
  • Streamline audience entry by allowing your team to sell tickets at the door with the app.
  • Create a ticket type that’s only available to buy during the duration of your event and see how it fares against the other tickets. Add this footnote to your event data to see all the variables in play.

So, how exactly does this all work? Let’s break it down.

check in mobile app

Check-in Attendees

Expedite check-in with any phone using the app.

  • Scan digital or paper tickets from multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Prevent fraud with QR code scanning that only allows entry for valid tickets.
  • Stay in control at all times with real-time attendance reporting.

Accept Credit Cards & Wallet Payments

Simple and oh-so-speedy, credit card sales will presumably be the most popular method for your soiree. To set up and accept credit card and wallet payments, connect your Ticketstripe account with a Stripe merchant account, then order the Stripe M2 Reader (or multiple readers) directly from Stripe.

  • Once your mobile device is connected with the Stripe M2 Reader, tap on the menu and choose My Events to select your event.
  • Add tickets to the cart and accept payments through Swipe, the Tap or Chip Insert method, and Google or Apple wallets.
  • Once payment is submitted, a confirmation page with the order summary will pop up. Press Email to send both the tickets and a receipt to your guest.
  • Finally, hit the Check-In All button to mark that each ticket within said order is admitted to the event.

Accept Cash Sales

Though cash sales are less common, they make up an essential aspect of your event’s earnings. Cash can also provide another layer of accessibility for your guests and help welcome more people. You’ll see the option to process cash sales when setting up Ticketstripe’s Box Office app.

  • Turn on the accept cash payment setting here.
  • Open the app on a mobile device and from the menu choose your event.
  • Add tickets to the cart and select the cash payment method.
  • A confirmation page with the order summary will pop up. Tap Email to send both the tickets and a receipt to your guest.
  • Tap the Check-In All button to mark that each ticket within said order is admitted to the event.
  • Ticketstripe does not collect service fees for cash sales.

Quick and painless, right?!

For a more detailed tutorial on accepting payments at the door, head to this help article. With super clear screenshots and instructions, you’ll be up and running in no time. From fast and efficient payment options to helping you collect and sync more attendee data, our box office app provides an additional tool for your team’s belt.

Satisfaction and Trust

Ultimately, your patrons want to feel that they’re in the best hands and totally taken care of during your event. When every option is available to them, attendees can relax and fully immerse themselves in the fantastic world your team has crafted! And, just like at a restaurant, if your customers feel that your service is swell, they’ll likely spend money on additional goodies and merchandise.

Got questions? Drop us a line or schedule a demo. We look forward to hearing from you.