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Easy Online Ticket Sales for Charity and Nonprofit Events

Free Online Ticket Sales for Your Charity

charity and non profit ticket salesA significant portion of charities and nonprofits’ annual income comes from events promoted and hosted throughout the year. The easiest way to make these fundraisers more profitable is to get more people through the door and collect as much information as you can from attendees. Making it easy to purchase, donate and share tickets is the best way to do that.

Nonprofits worldwide have trusted Ticketstripe for over 15 years to sell tickets, accept donations, and simplify event management. From rock concerts to gala fundraisers and more, Ticketstripe’s ticketing platform makes event management a breeze, putting time and money back in your pocket.

We’re passionate about bringing more people together for a much greater good. To help you do that, we offer discounted service fees for charities and nonprofit events. Fees are paid by the ticket buyer, making Ticketstripe a free ticketing & donation platform for nonprofits. Connect to a Stripe or PayPal account and get paid after every sale!

Free for organizers, reduced service fees for the buyer, fast deposits, and promotional tools that help you raise more funds make Ticketstripe the best platform for nonprofits to sell tickets online.

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Nonprofit Ticketing and Donation Platform

Our Nonprofit Discounted Ticketing Fees vs Others’

Ticketstripe is proud to offer special pricing for charitable organizations and nonprofits. You’re doing your best to help others and you deserve all the help you can get.

All registered nonprofit organizations and organizers of nonprofit or charitable events qualify for reduced ticketing fees. Buyers will pay just 1.5% + $0.50 per ticket sold. And, Ticketstripe never charges fees for free, comped or cash tickets.

  • Ticketstripe
    1.5% + $0.50
  • Eventbrite
    3.7% + $1.79
  • Ticketleap
    2% + $1.00
  • Donorbox
  • RSVPify
    1.95% + $0.90

Nonprofit Event Tools

There are many platforms that can help you organize nonprofit events. The best ones will include:

  • Simple event registration
  • No code required event ticketing
  • Custom event pages
  • Custom order forms
  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Flexible and tiered donations
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Ticket bundles for tracked ticket sharing
  • Manual orders
  • Marketing and promotional tools
  • Event management tools
  • Ticket scanning with mobile app
  • Box office for at the door sales
  • Fast payouts with Stripe and PayPal
  • Nonprofit pricing
  • Amazing and friendly customer support

All of these features work together to ensure:

  • You raise more funds
  • Spend less time managing sales and attendees
  • Collect more attendee data

Learn more about how Ticketstripe can help you manage a knock out fundraising event or jump right in and create your event.

Raise More Funds

We know every penny counts for nonprofit events.  Ticketstripe can help decrease your costs so every event hosted with us generates more funds for your important cause.

Our event management tools and reports ensure your bookkeepers and volunteers spend less time counting receipts and creating guest lists. This also eliminates overselling and helps keep attendance manageable.

The ticket bundle feature easily allows sponsors to share tickets digitally, while you collect vital attendee information effortlessly. More attendee info means more donation opportunities now and at future events!

Payment processing is fast so funds are in your bank account within days, not weeks, making sure your organization has the cash flow while organizing the event.

When you save time, you save money. Do both by using Ticketstripe to sell tickets to your next charity event or fundraiser.