how free virtual event tickets can make you money

How Free Virtual Event Tickets Make You Money

For years successful companies have used giveaways to build brand recognition, generate community buy-in, and create goodwill. Some great examples of branded schwag giveaways are hats, tee-shirts, coffee mugs, coaster, etc. Imagine life without the iconic red Coca-Cola tees that took the world by storm during the Cola Wars of the 1980s. However, the cost of those “free” items can add up quickly. If your organization is a non-profit or working on a shoestring budget, consider giving away free tickets instead—especially to your virtual events!

When you take a closer look at your income funnel, those free tickets may just be the first brick on the golden road to long-lasting sustainable income.

Why Focus on Community

For decades marketers have focused on profit. The bottom line was king. But buying trends—indeed, customers themselves—have changed in such a way that brand buy-in may be much more valuable in the long run than simply buying.

Building brand identity and creating a community around that identity not only makes it easier for your organization to attract new supporters through word-of-mouth marketing and social sharing, but it also creates real enthusiasm within those who support you now. Multiple studies have shown that 83% of younger shoppers are more likely to buy from brands with which they feel connected.

Offering free virtual event tickets allows you to give these individuals a no pressure, no commitment opportunity to engage with your brand on their own terms.

  • Those are the advocates who are going to be most vocal about your organization.
  • They’re the ones that are going to keep coming back.
  • They are the ones who will be with you for a long time.

That longevity creates a reliable source of financial support that’s much more valuable than a one-time ticket purchase.

Plus, every free virtual ticket you give away equates to another contact in your ‘list’. Every smart promoter knows the immeasurable value of a prequalified potential supporters list.

A free ticket is a low-touch, high-velocity way to get people into your brand’s virtual door.

FREE May Be the Key to Profitability

Why are free tickets so powerful in the current market?

With many things going virtual, from our weekly office meetings to Broadway musicals, more people are looking to escape from everyday life and connect online than ever before. But to earn your share of those interactions you need to get creative with your marketing.  Experimenting with tactics you may not have considered before is essential for tapping into this pool of potential supporters. What could be more enticing than a no-commitment free virtual ticket?

Ticket sales for virtual events are significantly different than ticket sales for in-person events. The attendees you’ll attract are different. The methods you’ll use to attract them will be different. Even buying patterns are different.

Our in-house Ticketstripe data shows that that tickets to online events sell much closer to the event date than in-person events. In fact, they sell at twice the rate of in-person events within 24 hours of those digital doors opening.

To help you attract more virtual event attendees Ticketstripe lets you mix multiple ticket types. You can use free tickets, paid tickets, and even VIP ticket tiers to capture a variety of new supporters and diversify your income from a single event!

Learn more about how to effectively use donation tiers here.

Your Audience Is Changing

Marketing data shows that online shoppers and brand supporters are getting younger, more tech-savvy, and more discerning with the passage of every year. If you rely on outdated marketing methods, you’ll inevitably see your attendance wain and your support dry up. Be proactive and adopt an online ticketing platform that helps you use free tickets to gain more supporters.

Make your event more inclusive with free tickets. Give someone the opportunity to enjoy a live experience for free and watch as that joy comes full circle back to you!

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