How to Attract Millennials & Gen Z to Your Nonprofit Event

Snag Younger Donors

In 2022, millennials and Gen Z are leading the cultural conversation and shaping the zeitgeist for decades to come. With an equal passion for matcha lattes, aesthetically pleasing pictures, and social justice – the younger generations are set on creating a more equitable, joyous world. They would be a fantastic tour de force for your nonprofit event.

So, how do you market and sell tickets to millennials and Gen Z? Never fear! Ticketstripe has curated some key strategies to entice these groups to your soiree and make lasting connections. Read on to get started.

1. Formal Parties

Regardless of what generation you claim, something about attending a fabulous formal party makes you feel special. Fancier events appeal to the dreamer in all of us and are an excellent way to attract younger crowds without alienating older groups. Getting dressed up is half the fun and can be encouraged with Black tie dinners, galas, and cocktail parties supporting your nonprofit. Nod to nostalgia and whimsy with an elegant theme, put up a ‘step and repeat’ mini red carpet, or invite local musicians to accompany the evening. Create a dreamy, escapist event for your guests, and you’ll be sure to enchant them.

2. Social Media Savvy

Millennials and Gen Z grew up on centralized social media networks, so staying savvy and strategic about your digital footprint and outreach is incredibly beneficial. To make the most media traction, note the platforms currently performing well and avoid those that feel dated. Channels like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Discord are excellent to explore. Short-form videos and reels are monopolizing media, and all the platforms above are great places to make your own.

Social media plays a pivotal role in modern advertising and is also a great way to interact with your audience. Use hashtags that appeal to your ideal patrons, try trending audios for your videos, and sprinkle photo opportunities throughout the event to maximize audience engagement!

3. Make It Memorable

When scouting your event’s location, think of the triple-A: ambiance, aesthetic, and audience. Will this space captivate your target demographic? With the right decor and lighting, will it evoke an exciting response? Hosting your gathering in a beautiful, interesting space is sure to attract a crowd while increasing opportunities for your event’s publicity. Check out one of our favorites, the C2 Montreal conference, for inspiration here.

Boutique hotels, unique venues, and cool restaurants are great spaces to make your event pop. If you’re unsure where to find the best spots, search TikTok and Instagram for recommendations. Once you’ve found the perfect site, pepper in a few activities for your patrons. Photobooths, casinos, a panel of local celebrities, etc., are strong ways to boost interaction and make your event memorable.

4. Group Friendly + Fun

Peer-to-peer engagement is crucial to snagging Millennials and Gen Z for your nonprofit event. Both generations love to interact with one another, and with the radical advancement of tech and social media– the conversation never stops. Offering group discounts and activities at your event are great ways to encourage them to attend (and to bring their friends!)

In addition to being group-friendly, your events must be fun to remain intriguing. Virtual experiences and hands-on exercises are the way to go. According to the Center for Generational Connetics, studies show that younger generations are passionate about learning new skills. 85% of Zoomers (Gen Z) watch weekly online videos to pick up new skills and master new hobbies. Exploring museums after-hours, cooking classes, experimental art, and fashion shows are great options to get the ball rolling.

5. Give Back

Millennials and Gen Z are immensely enthusiastic about creating a more just society, so establishing that your nonprofit is giving back is a wonderful way to include them in your organization. Use the power of social media to make eye-popping, shareable graphics that easily communicate everything about your event. Both generations are constantly sharing and posting new content, so this is a great way to get them involved.

Transparency from companies is demanded now more than ever before. So, first things first, look internally at your board and members. Is there representation for the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities? Are there ways you can seek more inclusivity? Make sure you address those. Be intentional and vocal in your efforts to draw in your target audience and positively impact your community.

For socially conscious activities that attract your desired demographic, try your hand at: backpacking for underprivileged students, a volunteer beach or park cleanup day, creating a day camp for underserved communities, and food drives. Bringing people together to make a beneficial lasting effect is one of the best things you can do. We highly recommend it.

When you start preparing for your nonprofit event, make ticketing a breeze with Ticketstripe. Our signature platform offers a seamless online checkout experience, coupled with digital tickets that can easily be saved to Google or Apple wallet for quick, convenient access. We hope that these ideas help you attract Millennials and Gen Z to your events, build your network, and leave a lasting impression on your patrons.

Ticketstripe is endlessly inspired by the amazing work our nonprofits do, and we cannot wait to see the future of events. Peek at our additional articles for more ideas here, and feel free to contact us with any questions here. We look forward to seeing the magic you make soon!

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