What makes Ticketstripe different?

What Makes Ticketstripe Different From Other Event Platforms?

Most ticketing platforms offer generic features that get the job done but can leave much to be desired—particularly if you’re organizing events for a charitable organization. Ticketstripe was built on organizers’ feedback, with the goal of making event management easier.

To that end, Ticketstripe offers low fees for nonprofits and general events, flexible event page creation, unlimited ticket types, and an open-door policy for communication with event organizers to make our event management software work for you.

Here are just a few of the ways we stand out from other ticketing platforms.

Low, Transparent Fees and Immediate Payouts

It’s not cheap to put on an event, from renting the venue, to sourcing food and drink, to promotion. The last thing you want is to feel gouged by your ticketing software—or to hear your attendees complain about the fees they paid on top of your ticket price.

Ticketstripe has zero up-front costs. We offer unlimited events, no ticket caps, and no subscription fees, whether you’re planning a charity fundraiser or a for-profit event.

Our low ticketing fees are transparent, with options to pass on fees, absorb them into the ticket price, or split them for each ticket sold. If you elect to pass them on, Ticketstripe’s fees are visible to the ticket buyer or donor on the event page, so there are no surprises at checkout. We also have the lowest fees for nonprofits. And there’s no charge for using Ticketstripe to manage tickets to free events!

What’s more, you get paid for every ticket sold instantly, directly to your Paypal or Stripe account. That’s right: Ticketstripe doesn’t hold onto your hard-earned cash until after your event, like some competitors. That means you can rely on the funds from early ticket sales to help fund the event itself—which is crucial, especially for nonprofits where money is always tight and oh-so-needed to complete all the good work you do.

Your Own Branded Event Page

Whether you’re a business or a nonprofit, you know that branding is everything. We know that, too—and we want your organization’s personality to shine. To that end, you can fully customize your event page so your customers and donors know they’re supporting you.

Upload your logo, event photo, and choose your own background colors so your event page fits your brand’s aesthetic. And don’t forget to customize your event page URL for easy sharing.

Unlike with other platforms, attendees visiting your page will only see your event and will never be “invited” to consider “similar” events.

Unlimited Ticket Types

The event page isn’t the only thing you can customize: Ticketstripe offers unlimited ticket types, meaning you have many ticket options like, early-bird tickets, admission tiers, packages, and so on. From general admission to VIP and packages that allow a la carte pricing based on drinks or food included, you can make your event appeal to all types of customers, thereby maximizing attendance.

Nonprofits especially will want to take advantage of the ability to offer pay-what-you-wish admission and set-your-own-amount donations—or elect to include admission with a certain donation level.

Ticket Bundles That Simplify Group Ticket Packages

One of the most common challenges with online ticketing platforms is distributing individual tickets and collecting individual attendee data for tables and packages purchased by sponsors, groups, and VIPs. With Ticketstripe’s Ticket Bundles, individual tickets can be distributed electronically with just a few taps or manually. The table purchaser or sponsor receives an email with a link to their Ticketstripe wallet and simple instructions to share individual tickets with their party.

When the invitee goes to claim their ticket, they must first enter their information. This means organizers receive attendee data from shared tickets for a complete list of all attendees. This is invaluable for businesses and charities alike, as it allows them to know who is in attendance and market the next event to people who enjoyed the last one.

Your Attendee List is Your Own

If you’ve ever purchased tickets from a competitor, you know the drill: As soon as you click ‘purchase,’ you’re hit with marketing for five other events in your area unless you’re extra careful to un-check all those boxes at Checkout.

With Ticketstripe, you control your attendee data—we only process it for you. Unlike other ticketing and event management platforms that monetize your data, we never share or use the contact info collected for our own purposes. We simply give you the tools to help stay compliant with the latest privacy laws and regulations, and your data is yours to keep or delete.

Flexible Donations and Easy Fundraising

Nonprofits rely on the generosity of donors. Ticketstripe offers greater flexibility with donations, including set-your-own and suggested donation options.

One huge differentiator is how easy we make peer-to-peer fundraising. With our promoter functionality, you can invite others to head up their own mini-fundraising campaigns with a link to your event page they can share. They get ‘credit’ for ticket sales or donations made through their own link—and your organization gets greater reach and a bigger bottom line.

Any tickets purchased or donations made through Ticketstripe also have the option to come with tax receipts that show the fair market value—no waiting for paperwork until after the event.

Live Customer Support

All of these great features came out of discussions with event organizers who sought solutions they couldn’t find anywhere else. If you’re still not seeing a feature you need to pull off your best event yet, tell us! Ticketstripe offers live customer support to event organizers who have questions or concerns—it’s those brainstorming sessions that we thrive on to make our product better for everyone.

With Ticketstripe, you can talk to an actual person who cares about making your event a success; with other event management platforms, you only get that personal touch if you pay the big bucks for a high membership tier, if at all.

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