How to promote a nightclub

How To Promote a Nightclub Venue

There are a lot of tips on how to promote a nightclub venue, but it’s important to keep site of two fundamental goals:

  • You want new people to coming in
  • You want existing patrons coming back

The latter should be easier, but often isn’t. Promoting a nightclub venue requires constant contact, which makes it a natural for social media. It’s easier than ever to remind your target audience about what you provide. A lot of what looks like intimidating new technologies can be conquered by common sense and a bit of practice.

For example, mailing lists have been around since the dawn of time, or so it often seems. Every club has a list to join that offers a weekly or monthly upcoming events announcements and occasional special offer. As you get more information about your patrons every time they register for an event, these lists are even more important. You can use them to send email blasts highlighting what will be of interest to that group of subscribers. Facebook pages can be used to record your fans and get their instant comments on events they’re planning on or already attended.

Additional tips on how to promote a nightclub venue:

TIP #1: Be Easy To Find

Make sure your Facebook page and Twitter handle are easy for your fans to remember, and don’t miss an opportunity to remind everyone about where they can find you online. These should be as much a part of your brand name as the sign on the door.

  • Add your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles to your website and to your Ticketstripe event promotion page.
  • Add your website address and links to your Ticketstripe event promotion pages to your profile description and your wall posts or updates.

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TIP #2: Get To Know Your Audience

Social media is great for this. A little time spent figuring out who is attending which events can help determine who your key influencers are, and which events generate the most bodies and buzz. That can have an exponential effect on sales down the line. The Ticketstripe dashboard let’s you do this by giving you the ability to see which guests attended which event.

TIP #3: You Control Their Last Impression

Twitter and Facebook are great for last-minute sales pitches and for generating buzz prior to an event. Even after the last bottle has been recycled, posting pictures on Facebook, or getting clips onto YouTube can remind those who were there about the great time they had and make others eager to attend the next event at your venue.

TIP #4: Track Your Word of Mouth

You need someone to be responsible for checking your online reputation, to reinforce the positive messaging and counter the negative ones. Remember, a quick response can turn an unsatisfied customer into a fervent supporter, so go out there and turn those frowns upside-down. And don’t just look for positive or negative comments … try and get a sense of how people see your venue. If the results aren’t what you had in mind, at least you’ll know what needs fixing. And remember, no matter how negative or unreasonable someones’ comments are, don’t let it get to you and don’t ignore it. Create a positive reply and maybe even offer some comps for the next time. This can change negative feedback into positive, and, at the very least will cast you in the best of light to the rest of your fans.

One free web-based tool that helps you to track whats being said about you is Social Mention. It lets you search popular channels to find brand mentions and analyzes the sentiment towards your brand/venue or nightclub.