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Use Uber with Your Next Event

You’ve heard about Uber’s new Pre-Paid Ride service called UberEVENTS and you can’t wait to use it with your next event? Now you can because Ticketstripe makes it easier than ever!

Uber let’s the event organizers customize Guest Passes (a fancy name for pre-paid Gift Card) with date, time and promotion code. We make it easy for you to provide your ticket buyer with that Guest Pass by including it on their e-ticket.

Just enter the code into the “Message After Purchase” field for each corresponding ticket in your Ticketstripe dashboard and they’ll have everything they need to attend your event and enjoy a safe Uber Ride all in one place!

UberEVENTS Code Included on TicketNew to Ticketstripe? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Register at uber.com/events and follow instructions to get your Guest Passes
    UberEVENTS Host
  • Login to your Ticketstripe account and select your Event
  • Go to Tickets, click “Edit” next to the corresponding ticket, click “More Options”
  • Enter the Uber Custom Code for your event into the field labeled “Message After Purchase” along with your message to the customer

For Guests

To request a ride, Guests only need to enter the Uber Guest Pass code into the Uber app on their mobile device and they’re set to go!

UberEVENTS Guests

More Reasons to Use UberEVENTS

  • Uber Rides can be up to 40% cheaper than taxis & less than shuttles, valets, or parking
  • You get peace of mind knowing your guests will get home safely, especially if there’s an open bar
  • You can customize guest passes per event by setting a maximum value for each ride and the number of rides you’d like each guest pass to be valid for

What Can Planners Customize with UberEVENTS?

  • Specific pick-up and drop-off point
  • Custom/vanity code for an entire group
  • The date, time and location for which the code is valid
  • The value of Guest Pass
  • The number of rides each person can take

“For example, a music festival recently used UberEVENTS and gave their attendees a code for just $5 Off. Or, for VIPs, you can do passes that are worth $100. And let’s say you set the value of the ride at $25, but the guest’s actual ride comes out to $27; you don’t get charged for that overage.” And “if you purchase, say, $5,000 worth of rides, for example, you are only charged for the number of rides redeemed.” – Sarah Maxwell, Uber Communications spokesperson

UberEVENTS means lower wait times and designated pick-up/drop-off points – giving You the flexibility to create a holistic experience for guests.

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