Group tickets for social distancing

There are two ways to create group tickets for social distancing, depending on your needs.

Option 1) Recommended: You decide how many groups you want to accommodate and create a Ticket for each group. For example, you can name your tickets:

General Admission – Seating area 1

General Admission – Seating area 2

Each “seating/group area” ticket will have a set quantity, so you can control how many people purchase tickets in that one area. Your attendees can agree among themselves on what seating area they want to be in prior to purchasing tickets.

Option 2) Create one ticket type and add a custom form field that will ask the attendees to specify the name of the party they want to be seated with. This way, everyone purchases just one ticket, but when they attend, the organizer will use a report to seat them based on the party/group they belong to.

Keep in mind that you control the total number of tickets sold but not how many tickets are sold per group. This might necessitate breaking up some groups at the event. Some organizers choose this method so attendees do not have to make a decision as to what group to pick when they purchase tickets. This method will give you more flexibility but will also involve more work managing attendees.