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Help Setting Up Your Stripe Account

Below are answers to frequently asked questions from organizers creating a new Stripe account to sell tickets online. For a guide with information about Stripe options and information you’ll need to create an account, see this help article.

Can I set up a Stripe account separately?
You can set up a Stripe account via their website here. After creating your Stripe account, log in to your Ticketstripe dashboard and connect your new Stripe account here. This takes approximately 1 minute.

Can I use Stripe as an Individual or Sole Proprietor?
Yes, you can certainly use Stripe as a sole proprietor or as an individual without a registered business.

Why is Stripe asking me for an EIN/SSN?
Stripe is required to collect and verify the identity of individuals associated with a Stripe account. This is intended to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using Stripe for illegal activities. For more information click here.

What should I use for my website in Stripe if I do not have one?
To complete activation of your account, Stripe needs to check what you are accepting payments for.  If you do not have a website or social profile advertising your event, we recommend using your Ticketstripe event page. You can get as well as customize a link to your event page from the Links & Widgets section within your Ticketstripe dashboard.

Can I give Stripe account access to members of our staff or team?
Stripe allows you to create teams and assign user roles. More info on that here. However, only the Stripe account owner can manage banking details. If you are looking to add team members to your Ticketstripe account in order to help with check-in as well as box office sales, and attendee management, click here to learn more about how to do that.

When will I get my first Stripe deposit?
For new Stripe accounts, the very first ticket sale deposit will take 7 days while Stripe verifies your bank information. After that, ticket sale proceeds for most accounts will automatically be deposited within 2 business days if you are based in the United States and within 3 days for Canada and EU countries.