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User Access and Roles

As an event organizer using Ticketstripe, you can streamline your operations by granting specific roles to different team members. These roles come with varying access levels to ensure smooth event execution while safeguarding your account’s vital information.

Account Owner: The Account Owner possesses comprehensive access to events, ticket listings, and financial details. They have the authority to add multiple users with different roles but retain control over the main account’s event details and financial information.

Check-in Assistant: This role is perfect for individuals tasked with managing attendee check-ins at the event venue. Check-in Assistants can efficiently check-in attendees using the mobile app but are restricted from accessing the web dashboard.

Event Analyst: For those needing insights into event performance, sales, and attendee lists, the Event Analyst role is ideal. Users in this role can access such data via the web dashboard but cannot utilize the mobile app.

Event Administrator: Event Administrators hold significant permissions within your Ticketstripe account. They can manage events comprehensively, including creation and deletion, but are limited to event-level actions. They cannot access account settings, payment processors, or discounts, ensuring account-wide integrity.

Additionally, Event Administrators can oversee events across multiple Ticketstripe accounts and manage notifications within their individual account settings. To grant mobile app access for check-ins and sales at the door, consider adding Box Office roles.

Box Office: This role empowers users to process on-site sales and facilitate attendee check-ins using the mobile app. While Box Office users have essential event-related functionalities, they are unable to access the web dashboard.

By strategically assigning these roles, you can optimize event management processes while maintaining security and control over your Ticketstripe account.

  1. To add a user to your account, go to My Account > User Access
  2. From here, select the Access level from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter the Name and Email address of the User. The email you enter will be used as their username. Ticketstripe will send an email to that address to set a password.
  4. Select if you want to allow access to All Events or Select Events
  5. Click Create