User Access and Roles

The main Ticketstripe account login credentials has access to events, ticket listings, and financial details. Additional Ticketstripe User Roles include Check-in Assistant, Event Analyst, Box Office.

Ticketstripe accounts are separate and only linked by the role additional users are assigned. None of the roles will enable another user to change the main account’s event details or financial information. The organizer can create multiple User Roles in each capacity.

  1. To add a User to your account go to My Account > User Access
  2. From here, select the Access level from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter the Name and Email address of the User. The email you enter will be used as their username. Ticketstripe will send an email to that address to set a password.
  4. Select if you want to allow access to All Events or Select Events
  5. Click Create
Check-in Assistant:

This role enables the user to check in attendees at the door.

Event Analyst:

This role enables the user to view the event’s performance, sales, and the attendee list in the Ticketstripe dashboard.

Box Office:

This role enables users to process sales at the door and check in attendees.