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How to sell tickets and accept donations with Stripe

Below we will show you how to sell tickets and accept donations with Stripe. If you already have a Stripe account, connecting it within Ticketstripe will take approximately 10 seconds. Signing up for a new Stripe account can also be done from within Ticketstripe’s dashboard and will only take a few minutes. You can also set up a new Stripe account via their website here.

Connect to Stripe

1. Login to your Ticketstripe account or Sign Up for a free account and click My Account in the top menu.

Connecting a Payment Processor


2. Click on Payments, then Connect with Stripe and you will be taken to a secure Stripe registration page.

Connecting Stripe to Ticketstripe


3. If you already have a Stripe account, simply Sign In, and you will be connected within approximately 10 seconds. 

ticketing platforms that work with Stripe

Create a New Stripe Account

1. Follow the steps above and then continue with Stripe’s onboarding process outlined below.

2. The first question Stripe will ask is your business type: Individual, Company, or Nonprofit.


Why is Stripe asking me for an EIN/SSN? Stripe is required to collect and verify the identity of individuals associated with a Stripe account. This is intended to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using Stripe for illegal activities. For more information, click here.

Business address and phone – This should be information about the organization collecting payments for the event. If you are an individual organizer, enter your personal information.

What should I use for my website in Stripe if I do not have one?  If you do not have a website or social profile advertising your event, we recommend using your Ticketstripe event page link.

How long after paying will your customers typically receive their goods or services?  Most popular choice: Within 2 weeks.

This is an estimate and will depend on when the majority of your attendees purchase tickets. Even though you can start selling tickets at any time, even a year in advance, the majority will purchase tickets weeks or even days before the event.

2. Statement descriptor – Enter the information you want attendees to see on their credit card statements. This can be your organization’s name or, if you have a singular annual event, the name of your event.

3. Support phone number – The phone number you want your attendees to call with questions about a charge on their statement.

4. Connect to your banking institution or enter bank details where you want deposits to be made.

5. When prompted, enter your email, mobile number, and create a password.  To protect your account, this mobile number will receive a text message with a code required to log in from new devices.

Note: This is not the same email and password you use with Ticketstripe. Ticketstripe and Stripe are separate platforms. You can use a different email and/or password with each platform.

6. IMPORTANT: Click “Authorize access to this account” to allow Ticketstripe to process your online ticket sales and donations using this Stripe account.

Optional: Click here to watch Stripe’s onboarding video for creating a new account from within our platform (54 seconds is when they get into the account form).