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Multiple day events

Many event organizers hosting multiple-day events also need to limit the number of arrivals for specific times. Here’s how to set up your event to accommodate those requirements.

1. Create one event per day. If you are hosting a 4-day event, you will set up one event per day. This is more user-friendly than showing all tickets for every hour of every day on one event page. Your users will be able to see all available days under upcoming events on your event page.

2. Set up one Ticket Type per arrival time slot.

3. Limit the quantity of each Ticket Type to the number of arrivals you will be able to accommodate.

4. If you do not plan to sell individual event-day tickets separately, then set their quantity to zero or hide the tickets.

5. Next, select Add Tickets, then Ticket Bundle to create an All Days Pass ticket and bundle the individual event-day tickets.

how to add a multi day ticket pass

Specify how many of each ticket the recipient should get. In this example, the buyer should only receive 1 ticket for each day of the event.

how to create multi-day tickets

6. Click Save