Nightclub Event Marketing

Event Marketing for Nightclubs

Getting people in the door is a constant challenge for venues. And considering the competition out there, it’s never OK to just assume success will be eternal. Event marketing for nightclubs is essential to make sure you keep that customer sales funnel full!

The trick is to make sure the right people know about it. That involves using two types of marketing campaigns:

1) Awareness – casting a wide net to reach potential customers who may not have heard of your nightclub

2) Targeted – reaching out to those who have already indicated they’re fans

You can use social media to employ both campaigns. Fans would be considered anyone who has visited your club in the past and signed up for the mailing list, friends who like your Facebook page, and those who follow you on Twitter.

Don’t assume one delivery method is enough

An ad in the newspaper is fine. A radio spot may work, on the right station. A Facebook update will draw traffic. A YouTube clip may add some buzz. Some last-minute tweets may inspire those tempted to stay at home or can’t decide which Club to hit. But the combination of multiple methods … that’s what gets you the big crowds. Don’t focus solely on one or two – a comprehensive strategy usually works best.

Be both entertaining and informative

You don’t need to be a stand-up comic, but the more entertaining your electronic communications are, the more likely people will read them and engage in conversation. Give your subscribers something valuable, something they will enjoy.

Share pics from previous events; if you don’t have any, get a photographer. It will cost you close to nothing and you will give your patrons some eye candy.

Shoot a video inside your club from time to time; if it pays off, do it every night.

Bottom line – entertain your fans, keep ongoing communications, respond to them. Don’t just post and tweet right before the event, as this is a sure way to make your fans think of you as nothing more than a calendar alert for date and time of your events. Stay in contact with your fans at all times: before, during, and after your event.

Market to the right audience

As much as your data allows, take extra time to target potential attendees based on their likes and dislikes. Let’s say you have a particular DJ performing at your club, the same artist that was there a few months ago. Take the time to look up your past event and use the list of your attendees to contact them with the latest info.  The more you study the data and find patterns, the better your marketing will be.  The Ticketstripe dashboard makes it easy for you to create a custom mailing list and import it into your favorite email blast service.

Give people what they want

This comes from knowing your audience. If they come to your place for the regular drink specials and popular DJs, be sure and stress that in your event marketing. If they’re looking for a hip place to throw a party, tell them how your nightclub will make their special occasion a hit. Why would you want to get dressed and attend the club? Keep that in mind when you’re writing the copy, and you’ll have a lot more people showing up for your events. Don’t be afraid to split your usual mailing list in two and design separate flyers for the same event, each emphasizing something specific that will be enticing to that group. Use your previous event history in your Ticketstripe control panel to make smart decisions about what your people want.