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Fundraising Event Website

The right online ticketing platform can take the guess work out of creating your fundraising event website. Ticketstripe knows what a fundraising event needs to successful because we’ve been helping nonprofits host fundraising events for over 15 years. That’s why, we not only invite you to create your fundraising event on our platform for free but, we also breakdown the essentials of an effective fundraising event website.

Make Giving Easy for Your Donors

Since the dawn of time, the number one rule of marketing and product promotion has been to make the buying process easy for the customer. As a fundraising event organizer, your job is to eliminate all the obstacles between your potential supporters and the donation or ticket purchase. They need to be able to:

  • Find your fundraising event website
  • Be moved by your message
  • Quickly and easily purchase tickets
  • Effortlessly retrieve those tickets when it comes time to attend

Friction in any of the above processes will impact your conversion rate (the number of potential donors who buy tickets to your event) negatively.

Easy to Find

The number one hurdle you’ll have to overcome when selling tickets to your fundraising event online is getting those tickets in front of the right people. You want people who are ready, willing, and pre-disposed to donate to see your fundraising event website. Not every visit will result in a purchase. In fact, average conversion rates for digital sales run around 2%.

To attract the right audience, there are several things that need to happen.

First, you need to create Search Engine Optimized content on your fundraising event website. That will help your page appear in Google searches. This means:

  1. Finding and using the right keyword phrases
  2. Back-end optimization (that the consumer never sees)
  3. Assisting Google in correctly categorizing your landing pages
  4. And organizing your sales “funnel” in a logical way

Ticketstripe handles steps 2-4 for you. Our landing pages include built-in SEO so you’ll start seeing Google and other search engines quickly prioritizing your content based on your specific keywords.

But what about social marketing?

Social Marketing Helps You Target and Attract the Right Audience

Years ago, Google was the key driver for traffic flowing to fundraising event websites. While they are still a major player in the game, social sites have taken up a significant portion of the burden. Indeed, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social sharing tools could potentially be your most effective marketing tools. Why? When potential donors see links to your fundraising event website promoted by trusted family members and friends, they’re much more likely to donate themselves.

That’s a pre-qualified lead and potential donor who is highly likely to buy tickets to your event.

That’s why your fundraising event website—your main point of contact with donors—needs to be socially shareable. You want to make it easy for your donors and potential promoters to share that landing page with their audience. Ticketstripe features built-in social linking that’s nearly automatic.

But social media does much more than expand your reach. You can use social media tools to gain powerful insight into those who choose to click on your pages and buy your fundraising tickets. You can use tools like Facebook pixel tracking to help you see who is coming to your fundraising event website, how they got there, and what they do after the fact. You can use this information to retool social marketing campaigns and make them more effective on the fly!

Create Buzz with Promotional Tickets

With Ticketstripe, you can create an unlimited variety of tickets to be used as event promotion and buzz-generating tools:

  • You can create special VIP packages for the all-important upsell
  • You can use giveaway tickets to create promotional games and customer engagement
  • You can reserve special tickets (not available to the general public) for big donors

Your marketing imagination is the limit.

Easy to Give

Once your potential donors find your fundraising event website, you have to overcome another hurdle—getting them to part with their cash. To do that, you need two things:

  • A strong, reliable, and trusted brand image
  • A checkout system that’s simple to use

Your Ticketing Event Page is Your Brand

Many online ticketing platforms promote their own brand image over yours. Sure, your event name and maybe even your organization’s logo are there but most of the branding you’ll see in the banners, the advertisements, and other on-page media actually promotes the platform (and potentially other clients’ events). All of this clutter and confusion reduce the number of people who follow through with the buying process. Potential donors may become distracted on an event website that advertises something else.

This typical layout results in online conversion (sales) rates of around 2%. Just 2% of the people who take the time to visit your ticket sales page actually buy.

Ticketstripe allows you to easily create beautiful, branded event pages that splash your name all over the event. There will be no doubt about what organization is promoting this fundraising event website and no doubt about where your donor’s hard-earned money is going. That powerful image branding can increase ticket purchases dramatically. In fact, good branding combined with pre-qualifying you audience (attracting people who are ready, willing, and able to donate) can boost your conversion rate to as high as 60%.

Frictionless Checkout is Essential

After a potential donor has made the decision to buy tickets to your online event, they need to checkout. According to at least one report, the contents of online shopping carts are abandoned 75% of the time.

The key to reducing shopping cart abandonment is to make the checkout process so simple it becomes almost automatic.

Ticketstripe helps you do that by optimizing your checkout page for mobile devices and making it simple for you to accept payment in almost any currency.

Why is mobile optimization important? It’s estimated that up to 60% of fundraising donations are now made online and the majority of people in The United States (58%) access the internet on a mobile device rather than a traditional desktop or laptop.

Why is ease of payment important? According to market analysts, 84% of all online sales last year were made by either credit card transactions (62%) or PayPal transactions (22%). If you don’t give potential donors the payment options they prefer, most will simply walk away without finishing the checkout process.

Ticketstripe allows you to quickly and easily accept credit card transactions. What’s more, we dramatically reduce the hold time so your funds are deposited into your accounts quickly (often within 2 days).

Easy to Receive

The last hurdle you have to overcome happens after the purchase. How do your donors get the tickets they bought from your fundraising event website? Do you mail them? Do you hold them at a will-call window? What do you do about lost tickets?

A good fundraising event website doesn’t let you down after the sale. Ticketstripe allows you to deliver tickets in multiple ways to suit any customer’s preferences.

You can:

  • Deliver tickets digitally (via email)
  • Use paper tickets and a printed attendee list
  • Take advantage of our real-time digital check-in system—no hard copy needed!

This streamlines the check-in process at your front door and makes an enjoyable event for everyone.

Our platform even lets you keep in touch with ticket holders so you can notify them of last-minute changes, prompt for an upsell, or promote your next fundraising event.

Make it Easy for Your Organizers

Ticketstripe has been trusted by event organizers for over 15 years. Our streamlined platform makes it easy for you to create, launch, and market fundraising event websites in minutes. Watch those funds start rolling in the very same day without all the hassles and holdups.

We give you as much back-end data as you need (or as little as you want) so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your promotion. See real-time:

  • Customer traffic data
  • Conversion rates
  • Sales statistics
  • On-page behavior reports
  • Affiliate marketer overviews

And so much more.

But we wouldn’t be a trusted marketing partner for so many fundraising events if we didn’t have a heart too. That’s why Ticketstripe always offers discounted fees for non-profit organizations and free ticketing sales services for free events.

Let's Team Up

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