How to sell tickets to Class Reunion

The Best Way to Sell Tickets to Your Next Class Reunion

Don’t Let Your Class Reunion Go Down in History for the Wrong Reasons

We’ve all seen it:  the class reunion that peters out before it even gets off the ground. It starts as a great idea—nostalgic music, cocktails, maybe a fun game or two—but weeks before the date things silently (or spectacularly) fall apart. Promoting the event, selling and distributing tickets, tracking payments and handling cash becomes a nightmare. People get frustrated, lose interest, and “remember” last-minute obligations. In the end, the only people who wind up going are the ones who put the thing together and that one alumnus who already booked a flight home from Europe.

Let’s face it, with your crazy work schedule, hectic home life, and limited free time, high school may be the farthest thing from your mind. But you can still crush your class reunion with a little help.

One Easy Solution to Streamline Your Class Reunion Planning

Ticketstripe’s online ticketing and event promotion platform can help you streamline multiple aspects of your next class reunion, taking stress out of the process. Keep your planners happy, enthused, and interested to ratchet up excitement and involvement.

Why You Need the Best Online Ticketing Service for Your Class Reunion

Ticketing is an important but often overlooked part of the class reunion planning process. You may not think you need a dedicated online ticketing sales and tracking platform, but here’s how Ticketstripe can make your life a heck of a lot easier.

1)  Industry-leading Features

Thousands of event organizers rely on Ticketstripe to sell tickets and promote their events worldwide because of our easy-to-use:

  1. Promotional tools (including built-in social sharing and SEO optimized event pages for better search engine visibility)
  2. Event management tools (like private branded ticket pages, unlimited ticket types, promotional ticket options, fast check-in app)
  3. Real time sales reporting (easily track event traffic & ticket sales as well as export attendee details when needed)
  4. Mobile optimized event pages (so your ticket pages look great on any device)
  5. Easy checkout (your classmates can quickly buy tickets on any device, with any credit card and in nearly any currency)

2)  User Friendly Design

We know events. We’ve been helping organizers manage and host them for over 15 years! But our history of reliability isn’t the only reason people love our ticket selling system.

Ticketstripe is completely optimized to be user-friendly and intuitive while offering powerful features you didn’t even know you needed. Our ticketing system evolved and improved repeatedly through active customer engagement and has been handcrafted by our own uniquely qualified team of expert developers, marketers and user experience experts.

3)  Quick Payouts Made Easy!

Most ticketing platforms hold your funds until after the event. With Ticketstripe funds are immediately placed in your merchant account with Stripe or PayPal. That fast transfer gives you cash-in-hand to use in planning and hosting an amazing class reunion.

4)  Low Fees

Unlike other ticketing companies which force you to pick a pricing package in order to get the features you want (at a higher price), we offer all our tools and features to everyone for one flat service fee – just 2.5% + $0.99 per ticket sold. (And by default those fees are paid by the ticket buyer.)

Remember, free tickets are always free with Ticketstripe.

But perhaps one of the best things about Ticketstripe’s online ticketing system is that it’s completely scalable:

  • It’s great for multi-million dollar festivals housed in sports stadiums requiring a ton planning, promotion, and back-end logistics.
  • But it’s also great for small party planners throwing intimate gatherings of 20 or more former classmates at the local watering hole.
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Event Promotion Made Easy

After picking the venue, promoting your event is probably the most important aspect of pulling off a successful class reunion. If nobody shows up, you’re out a pile of money and the epic night you had planned ends up a dud. Ticketstripe’s optimized event pages can help.

Ticketstripe’s built in SEO optimization automatically includes backend data so Google understands what your class reunion is all about and can deliver your event page to the top of the results page every time one of your classmates searches it out.

Ticketstripe lets you create unlimited ticket types, so mix things up! Set up simple bulk, VIP, or even secret discount tickets and use them as rewards for your class’s best promoter or as prizes for games. (Your secret tickets are hidden—not public—so you can promote them via a unique URL not everyone can see.)

Your customizable, ticket page allows you to direct all your classmates to one beautiful landing page where they can get all the event info and easily purchase tickets from any device.

They get their tickets electronically in minutes—though those of us who still consider The Breakfast Club one of the greatest movies of all time can print them too.

You get instant confirmation notifications, a running attendance tally, and quick payment processing.

Social Shareability

But what good is a web page if nobody knows where it is? With built-in social sharing at the click of a button, Ticketstripe’s event pages let your guests share ticketing info with friends, friends of friends, and even complete strangers. You can use your customizable URL in traditional advertisements like newspapers, class newsletters, and even targeted mailings. All that traffic funnels back to one page – eliminating multiple contacts, phone tag, and follow-ups.

Private Branded Event Pages

Facebook is great. Event pages are great. Online invites are great. But you can’t sell tickets to your next class reunion on Facebook. There’s no option to checkout. If you rely on Facebook, you have to come up with some other way to sell, collect payments, track ticket delivery, and keep track of your potential attendance.

Instead, use your private branded event page in conjunction with your Facebook Event Page. Direct your Facebook friends to buy their tickets on your Ticketstripe Class Reunion page and streamline all the messy logistics of payment processing and ticket delivery.

Speaking of Payments . . .

Ticketstripe allows you to easily accept payments via all major credit cards and in multiple currencies. There’s no need to handle cash, mess with paper checks, write out receipts, or make multiple trips to the bank.

One of the things that really sets Ticketstripe apart from its competition is two-day direct deposits. You get cash-in-hand (well, money in the bank really) within two business days of every ticket purchase. Having that money available when you need it—not after the fact—allows you to:

  • Know how much you can comfortably spend
  • Have the money available to rent venues and buy stuff now
  • Avoid having to chase down classmates who “forget” to pay at the door

Need More Class Reunion Planning Help?

Ticketstripe is a wonderful ticketing and payment processing solution for savvy class reunion planners. But if this is your first rodeo or you’ve been asked to take the wheel and you’re completely overwhelmed, check out our comprehensive guide on how to plan the best class reunion (without stressing the planners out). It features tips, tricks, tools, and a timeline you can use to make planning your next class reunion less of a chore and a whole lot more productive.