how to host a socially distant event during covid

How To Host a Safe + Socially Distant Live Event

After nearly three years of COVID, we’re finally starting to get our groove back. We’re seeing the exhilarating resurgence of in-person concerts and live events pop up across the country– and it feels amazing. From the re-opening of movie theaters to Broadway houses coming back to life, we’re all chomping at the bit to experience art and music as a community again!

Though we definitely have rose-colored glasses about the future of live events, we’re not quite out of the woods with the pandemic. It’s so crucial that we continue to enforce safety procedures to take care of each other’s health– to make sure that there is a future to look forward to. Below are some of our best suggestions for creating memorable and special live events that prioritize public health and safety.

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Advertise Your Event’s Safety Protocols

In the golden age of social media, it’s easier than ever to spread the word about your live event. Take the time to share each show’s safety procedures. Is proof of vaccination required? Will a photo of your vaccine card or a physical copy be required? Make sure your policies are readily available before each event so your audience can be fully prepped.

On the day of the event, keep reminders of the requirements posted throughout the space, access to sanitizer stations, and extra face masks on hand. Create a contact tracing sheet, with at least one person from each party’s contact information to reach them should any kind of outbreak be reported. Sorting out safety from the get-go will help everyone feel relaxed and taken care of, so your event can run as smoothly as possible.

Get Creative with Social Distancing

At Ticketstripe, we fully believe that you can stay safe while crafting an incredible and poignant event. This is the time to get creative! When organizing an event, draw inspiration from the old and new. Host at a vintage drive-in theater with pods of cars, or have your own socially distant silent disco. Itching for something more active? Try an outdoor obstacle course where you release small groups into the course at a time. As unprecedented as these changes may all be, it’s all a fantastic opportunity to expand what live events can look like!

Make A Mood

The magic of live events is the sense of incredulity and imagination that they can spark. Artists and entrepreneurs build worlds of wonder through music and art– but part of the intrigue is the aesthetic sphere of the event. When we’re physically apart, what visual elements can bring us closer together? How can we delight our other senses? Creating striking lighting and dance-worthy background music is a great place to start. Having a more intimate gathering? Socially distant furniture vignettes lend a cozy ambiance while complying with CDC guidelines. Crafting a space that mirrors the nature of the event is a powerful way to unite us while still being cautious and cognizant of the gravity of COVID.

Take Advantage of Tech

A miraculous thing about the past few years is that our technology has expanded ten-fold! We encourage you to take advantage of the fantastic tech options that have presented themselves by exploring the following:

Hybrid Viewing Options: While the world is opening up, there are many who are immunocompromised, or just may not feel comfortable attending an in-person event with large groups of people. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to include them! Team up with Zoom or any live stream platform to make an at-home viewing party. These sites are not only an incredible way to make the industry more inclusive, but they also open up the door for new audiences to experience artists they might not have access to.

Touchless Tickets + Attractions: We always have our phones on us, take advantage of it! QR codes are touchless, and an easy way to minimize physical contact between audience members and event staff members.

Before you start planning your next live event, take a look at the CDC’S updated guidelines as things will undoubtedly shift and change. We hope that our suggestions ignited some inspiration for your team. We are so thrilled at the ingenuity and excitement behind this year’s events. The power of live theatre and music and shows is already impacting our next generation, and we cannot wait to see what works will blossom from these unprecedented times.

As we’re moving into this next phase of live entertainment and watching the world adjust and shift to our new societal surroundings- please remember to be patient and kind with each other. We are all in this together!