How to promote my nightclub

How To Promote Nightclub Events

Time-honored techniques like papering every square inch of available space with flyers, investing in banners, placing an ad in the local paper, and getting a radio spot are the traditional ways of getting the word out. And sometimes, that’s all you need to promote nightclub events. An eye-catching graphic in the local free weekly doesn’t break the bank and can be a nice reminder to get together with your friends at a local nightclub.

But these days, it’s all about social media.  Here are some proven tips on how to promote nightclub events via social media:

TIP #1

Give your audience a taste of what awaits them at the event. The great thing about Twitter and Facebook is that they’re natural for the last-minute tease. Don’t just remind your followers of the event — be creative. If you got a hot artist performing, share some behind the scene pics and generate the buzz.

If it’s a nightclub, post a picture on Facebook of a line forming, a stack of bottles in the back waiting to be opened, pictures from your previous events. Use whatever you think will get someone undecided about their plans to develop the urge to hit your event.

TIP #2

If you have a popular DJ, use them. Don’t just get the word out on your respective social media sites … add a hashtag to your twitter post so fans of the celebrity can easily find you.

TIP #3

Make your patrons feel special. Everyone likes to be a VIP, and that feeling can make the difference between people attending your nightclub event or the one down the block. You don’t need to give away free drinks every night, but any discount can both drive sales and make the recipient feel like they’re getting a deal. It also will encourage others to register their information with you.

Create a “Hidden” ticket in your Ticketstripe account and email it or tweet it to your most loyal followers.

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