How to Monetize Virtual Events

Monetize Virtual Events With Merchandise

Here are a few examples of how organizers have monetized their virtual events with merchandise.

Embodied Grief Support Yoga Teacher, Monique Minahan, had to pivot to online events and took advantage of Ticketstripe’s unlimited, free ticket types to upsell products and services to her attendees. Here are five ticket types with merchandise she has leveraged:

  • Her Book, The Grief Practice
  • A Move With Grief Yoga Class
  • A 1-Hour Private Session
  • A $10 or $25 donation that supports her Somatic Experiencing training
    (making her a better practitioner)

Other merchandise items our organizers have recently sold with their unlimited ticket types include:

  • personalized tee shirts
  • branded mouse pads
  • tote bags
  • coasters
  • coffee mugs
  • essential oil blends

Ticketstripe’s customizable order form lets the organizer collect all the information needed to deliver merchandise to their attendee’s door step.

Merchandise Options Provide a Tangible Connection and More Revenue

As more events reinvent themselves online, Monique was able to tap into an element that’s often lacking from the virtual experience: something physical that will remind people of the event. Physical merchandise has increasingly become a successful way for event organizers to expand their reach and revenue for virtual events. What’s better than bringing people together for your event? Sending them a a physical item to remember the event by.

Grow Your Audience With At-Home Delivery

That idea is what motivated some companies to shift to online beer, wine or whiskey festivals. Pivoting to a new model that hosts tasting events on YouTube and working with a distribution company to ship products directly to attendees, or partnering with a local brewery, winery, or liquor store for in-person pickup is possible with unlimited Ticket Types.

This feature allows any organizer the ability to offer shipping or pickup options for attendees in their local area. You essentially are offering people the option to enjoy your product from their living room! This presents an opportunity to reach a whole new audience and build on your existing.

Even when in-person events inevitably return, this growing trend of online events will continue as they offer flexibility, convenience, and connection. Adding physical merchandise makes virtual events more sustainable for organizers and more attractive to attendees.

Streamline In-Person Events

Another feature that Monique loves is recurring events. Instead of having to recreate the same event multiple times, she simply schedules new dates. “It’s a huge time savor” she says.

She also is planning to use ticket types with merchandise to pre-sell merchandise for in-person events. After the class there will be two lines; one for people picking up their orders and one for in person purchases. “Ticketstripe’s customizable order forms allow me to collect sizes from ticket buyers. This means we can make and bring exactly what we need, without risking running out.”

It is a lot easier to upsell someone than to acquire a new customer. Use Ticketstripe’s unlimited ticket types with merchandise to monetize your virtual event.

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