Best Online Ticket Sales For Nonprofits

Best Online Ticket Sales for Nonprofits

As a fundraiser organizer, you want the best online ticket sales platform for nonprofits – one that’s easy to use, flexible, and offers the functionality you need. A system that allows you to do more with your online ticket sales than simply sell tickets.

You need a platform that can:

  • Help you plan, organize, and successfully host a fundraising event
  • Offer donors and attendees an upsell
  • Collect attendee information in order to streamline the event and customize donor rewards
  • Offer attendees ease of use

The best online ticket sales system for nonprofit organizations is a system that works with you, not just for you.

You need Ticketstripe.

Functionality Above and Beyond Selling Tickets

Sure, ticketing is an essential part of any live event. But if you’re not cashing in on opportunities to get more from your ticketing service, you may be missing out. Our online ticket sales system is designed to make it easy for nonprofits to create events that are truly special.

Below are a few examples of how current and past clients have used Ticketstripe’s functionality to increase the success of their events and make managing events easier.

Streamlined Silent Auctions

Ticketing with Silent Auction functionality
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The silent auction is a powerful fundraising tool that can pull in thousands of dollars in just 1 day.

Ticketstripe can take your silent auction to the next level.

From a ticketholder’s point of view, the worst part about attending a silent auction is waiting for the win. They come, mingle for a bit, browse the items, and bid. But nobody really wants to wait until the bitter end—especially if it’s a days-long auction. Ticketstripe offers a streamlined, digital way to notify winners and collect payment.

With our online ticket sales system for nonprofits, you can create unlimited ticket types. That means you can create a “winning ticket” that can be emailed to the lucky winner who beat out all the other bidders. This ticket functions like a digital invoice that they can pay right from their mobile device with the click of a few buttons. No standing in line or need to carry cash!

Seating Simplified

One of the most frustrating parts of attending a large event with a large group of friends is trying to ensure everyone sits together. When businesses purchase tickets to fundraising events, they want to know that their seats are reserved and that all their employees will be able to enjoy the event together.

With paper tickets, ensuring that you have all the right seating is next to impossible. Digital tickets streamline the process a bit but can still lead to a game of musical chairs the night of your fundraiser without the ability to select seating on purchase.

Ticketstripe’s unlimited ticket types let you create specific tickets based on your venue’s seating arrangement. Specific areas, tables, or even seats can be assigned to tickets. List them with quantities and descriptions and your attendees can pick the table they want and know how many attendees in their group can sit there. If they need more than one table, they can use your descriptions to pick tables close by, ensuring the whole group is able to meet and mingle.

Premiums, Gimmes, and Giveaways

The merchandise created for your event serves two purposes:

  1. It’s an incentive for attendees to buy-in
  2. It’s a souvenir (and a merchandising tool) that your attendees will take home with them

Whatever merch giveaways you plan (glasses, tee shirts, tote bags, coasters, coffee cups, etc.) it’s essential that your event organizer knows how many to have on hand. Our online ticket sales system for nonprofits keeps track of tickets sold in real-time which enables you to adjust your venue-specific requirements on the fly.

Additionally, Ticketstripe lets you collect whatever information from attendees you deem essential. That means you can collect attendee-specifics that allow you to personalize merchandise.

  • How much easier would ordering be if you knew the quantity and sizes of tee-shirts?
  • How special would monogrammed planners or journals make your donors feel?
  • Wouldn’t your attendees be much more likely to keep your tote bag if it had a personalized message on it thanking their company for its support?

These are just a few examples of how capturing specific attendee information allows you to personalize your event merchandise and create a memorable experience for everyone.

Personalize Based on Preferences

Collect Attendee Information
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Likewise, you can use attendee information collection to customize your event to individual preferences. Throwing a wine event? Create separate tickets for those who would prefer a flight of red wine versus whites. Ask your attendees to choose between tickets that include beverages and snack options or just one or the other.

Are you serving a sit-down meal at your event? Use our ticketing system to see how many guests want the chicken, how many want the fish, and how many want the vegetarian option.

The Sky is the Limit

Have something in mind that we haven’t mentioned above? Need functionality that’s not in our current platform? We wouldn’t be running the best online ticket sales platform for nonprofits if we didn’t put your needs first.

Our team can build almost any functionality into our flexible ticketing platform. If you need a custom tool for your upcoming event, give us a call so we can discuss adding your ideas to our beta build.

While other online ticketing sales platforms charge for customized functionality, you get all of this and more with Ticketstripe. Additional customization options aren’t locked behind a package. You can create your customized sales page, list unlimited tickets and craft any number of upsells – all with discounted nonprofit service fees.

The Myth of Free Ticketing Services

Some ticket sales services advertise “free” tickets. But the reality is they aren’t really free.

Ticketstripe allows organizers to use our online ticketing sales platform for free if there’s no charge to attend the event.

If there is a charge to attend, you—the organizer—have the option of passing the ticketing fees on to the ticket purchaser. That essentially makes our ticketing services a no-cost option for you and is a standard practice.

If you’re a nonprofit organization, Ticketstripe offers special discounted rates off our already affordable service fees.

Want to Know Why We Consider Ticketstripe the Best Online Ticket Sales Service for Nonprofits?

Get in touch with our team and learn how our system can be customized specifically to suit your nonprofit, your event, and your attendees. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, show you how Ticketstripe works, and explain any of our ticket fees before you list an event. After all, Ticketstripe wouldn’t be the best if we weren’t working with you, not just for you.

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