Best Online Ticket Sales For Nonprofits

Best Online Ticket Sales for Nonprofits

As the organizer of fundraising events, you want the best platform for online ticket sales for nonprofits from a company that works with you, not just for you. Ticketstripe is passionate about helping charitable organizations by offering reduced service fees and easy-to-use event software that:

  • Provides guided support from the planning stages to preparing for the event
  • Offers an easy way to collect attendee information—even for sponsored tables
  • Ensures you are in complete control of your funds

Whether this is your first time using an event registration software to sell tickets online after decades of paper tickets and manual signups, or you’re switching platforms in search of better tools, lower fees, and great support, we’re here to help!

Nonprofit Ticketing Software Made Easy

Sure, selling tickets is essential to any live or virtual event. But if you’re not cashing in on opportunities to get more from your event management service, you may be missing out. Ticketstripe is designed to make it easy for charities to create truly special events—with the lowest ticketing fees and no subscription charges, customizable event landing pages that showcase your brand (not ours), and live customer service support.

“I love how straightforward and easy to use Ticketstripe is. We switched from Eventbrite because using them for our Zoom events was cumbersome. Registering for a free, Zoom event was a five-step process, which was difficult for our attendees. With Ticketstripe, registration is easy, and I get to speak to an actual person!” —Jonna

Unlimited Events and Centralized Attendee Info

Ticketstripe’s lack of subscription fees means you don’t have to pay more once you’ve hit a certain number of events or tickets sold online. You can manage all your fundraisers—in-person and virtual—with our event management software—and centralize your marketing list to make quick work of reinviting people to your next event who’ve come to your fundraisers in the past.

You can even create an event page just for donations with a shareable link for posting on social media, and place that QR code in the center of your tables to encourage donations at your event. Think of all the good you can do with the funds you raise!

Ticketing with Silent Auction functionality
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Transparent Low Fees and Flexible Options

There are always fees associated with accepting digital payments. Payment processors like Stripe and PayPal need to collect their credit card and digital payment fees. The event registration platform needs to charge a fee to continue offering you its services.

But some ticket sale software companies advertise “free” tickets. The reality is they aren’t really free. They hassle your customers at checkout, asking them to pay the fees, which can be between 10% and 20%. When the customer declines, they make it nearly impossible to check out and leave your customers frustrated. Is that the experience you want your buyers and donors to have?

Ticketstripe offers transparent, reduced service fees that organizers can either pass on or absorb into the ticket price. Additionally, all fees are displayed on the cart page before the buyer checks out, so there are no surprises.

What’s more, the organizer can record tickets comped or sold by cash or check into the Ticketstripe system and avoid service fees entirely while logging all attendees in one place. Plus, Ticketstripe allows nonprofit event organizers to use our online event ticketing platform at no cost for free events.

All of this makes our event services a no-cost, comprehensive ticket management option for charities.

A Mobile App for Electronic Tickets and Speedy Check-In

Every ticket sold on Ticketstripe is uniquely encoded for fast check-in at the door using our simple, free app—and once scanned, the code can’t be used a second time, so you can have several ticket-takers working the door and not worry about erroneous or fraudulent dupes. No more printed attendee lists and long admission lines!

The app also makes quick work of day-of sales, offering buyers a credit card or other electronic payment option for the same low fees, with the option for organizers to log in any purchases made by check or cash at no additional cost.

Streamlined Sponsorship Sales and Seat Distribution

Selling full VIP tables to sponsors is great for a nonprofit event’s bottom line, but the execution can be clunky at best. Table purchasers want an easy way to to distribute seats to their guests, and you, as the event organizer, want to know who is attending.

Ticketstripe lets sponsors dole out seats electronically and collects attendee data for you in one swoop. Our ticket bundles allow buyers to easily claim and share admission with their guests via a digital wallet. The recipient can save the ticket to their iPhone or Android wallet, print it out, or save the email for quick retrieval on the event day.

Personalized Guest Experiences With Custom Tickets

Collect Attendee Information
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With Ticketstripe’s unlimited ticket options, you can collect info to customize your event to individual preferences—and allow you to be prepared with the proper quantity of food and drink.

Throwing a wine event? Create separate tickets for those who would prefer a flight of red wine versus whites. Want to offer tiered admission costs? Ask your attendees to choose between tickets that include beverages and snacks, one or the other, or neither. Serving a sit-down meal at your event? Specify at the point of sale the attendee’s preference for the chicken, fish, or vegetarian option.

You may also use our system to facilitate any merch giveaways you plan. Use real-time headcounts to know how many mugs to bring, or request T-shirt sizes at registration to simplify ordering.

These are just a few examples of how capturing specific attendee information allows you to personalize your event and merchandise and create a memorable experience for everyone.

Collaborative Event Management

Have something in mind that we haven’t mentioned above? Need functionality that’s not in our current platform? Ticketstripe wouldn’t be running the best online event software for nonprofits if we didn’t put your needs first.

Our team can build almost any functionality into our flexible platform. If you need a custom tool for your upcoming event, give us a call so we can discuss adding your ideas to our beta build.

While other event ticketing companies charges for customized functionality, you get all of this and more with Ticketstripe—and our customization options aren’t locked behind a package. You can create your personalized event page, list unlimited ticket types, and craft any number of upsells—all with discounted nonprofit service fees.

Event Ticketing Software for Nonprofits That Event Creators Trust

Get in touch with our team and learn how our system can be customized specifically to suit your nonprofit, your event, and your attendees. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, show you how Ticketstripe works, and explain our ticket fees before you list an event. After all, Ticketstripe wouldn’t be the best nonprofit event management solution if we weren’t working with you, not just for you.

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