Online Ticket Sales for Nonprofits

Is Your Nonprofit Selling Tickets Online for the First Time?

Online Ticket Sales for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

In 2022, we’re revamping the 80s classic by saying that we are living in a digital world. With little live entertainment, audiences are starving for in-person events! More and more event spaces are opening up and offering live streaming options- and as audiences flood stadiums and theaters, they also flood online ticketing sites. The need for efficient, smooth-running online ticketing is like never before. We’re here to help. As staunch advocates for nonprofits, we’re sharing our top tips for creating, maintaining, and elevating nonprofit online ticketing sales. Read on for more.

When choosing an online ticketing service, there’s a handful of crucial things for your team to consider while you deep dive into researching the best event registration software for nonprofits:

Ease: After a chaotic few years, ease is the name of the game. Make sure that whatever ticketing software you choose is simple and streamlined. Multiple windows and excess requirements needed from an individual can have them abandoning their purchase halfway through. Keep it simple while remembering the needs of the modern audience member. Also, having the ability to save tickets to Google and Apple wallets is ideal.

At Ticketstripe, we’re proud to partner with Stripe, a leading merchant that allows deep integration with our system, so we can offer your customer a friction-free checkout experience – a top priority for whatever platform you pick.

Fees: Consider event registration platforms and merchants that offer transparent, reduced fees for nonprofits! Many ticketing and donation platforms that claim to be free pester the buyer endlessly at checkout to pay high platform fees. This unpleasant experience unfortunately reflects on the nonprofit organization and can result in the patron not wanting to support your events or cause in the future.

Ticketstripe is an online event registration and ticketing platform passionate about helping nonprofits. It’s free for organizers and offers transparent, reduced fees for ticket buyers and donors. By default the buyer or donor will pay the service fee unless the organizer chooses to absorb it.

Stripe & PayPal (merchant options with Ticketstripe) offer low rates for processing credit cards – in addition to allowing you to pass all fees to the buyer (service + merchant).

Functionality: Ensure that your platform works as hard as you do. Here are some things to look out for when checking a software’s functionality:

Customization: While it’s key to have an easy-to-use platform, it’s equally important to work with a ticketing software where you can personalize your customer’s experience. From gathering an individual’s meal preference to their t-shirt size, the ability to collect and store information for a more custom experience– is always a win in our book.

Repeat Events: Before connecting with any platform, check and see if that software is able to create repeat events. The ultimate time-saver, and a fantastic way to take off a few things from your to-do list.

Private Events: Share a luxe and memorable experience for your patrons by creating private event tickets. These tickets run the gambit. From a free or discounted ticket to something more custom for your event, having the capability to craft these private tickets elevates your nonprofit a step above.

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As many of us in the arts are recovering our footing, we understand that budgets are tight. To make a splash in the online ticketing marketplace, teams should be working smarter not harder. Take a look at some ideas that maximize your output and impact without breaking the bank:

Social Media Promotion: Chances are, if you’re like us, your phone is never too far away. Take advantage of the social media blitz and market to your target audience. We recommend creating a budget for a media manager; up-and-coming talent can be found on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Alternatively, research and utilize websites that allow you to craft and schedule your content in bulk.

Scan Your Contacts: Take the time to flex your networking skills by reaching out to people your company has previously worked with. Email past attendees, donors, and coordinators to invite them to your next event while asking if they could spread the word to their personal contact lists.

Get the Community Involved: Make it a family affair! Reach out to local schools, restaurants, and community centers to advertise your event. Check out local radio stations to create custom ads or play music from your live performance to excite potential audiences. Offer discounted tickets or a backstage bonus as an incentive to them and their visitors. When we bring communities together, we create lasting bonds, attract diverse patrons, and remind ourselves that we’re all in this together.

Discounted Tickets: Nothing sells tickets quite like a discount. Shake up your strategy with sale tickets of all kinds. Offer early-bird prices or give away a few fantastic seats in a raffle. Create a crazy 3 hour sale (with advertising leading up to it) to jumpstart an audience’s adrenaline and anticipation for attending your future events.

However you decide to delve into online ticket sales for your nonprofit, remember that Ticketstripe is here for you. We’re excited about connecting patrons with performance, and nonprofits with opportunities to step into their next chapter. Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions you might have, and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

We can’t wait to see you.

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