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For an event organizer, a lot of the success (and profitability) is determined by how many tickets you sell. If you are looking to improve your sales, you need a better way to sell tickets online. Ticketstripe is a powerful, full-featured ticket sales platform for events of all sizes. Event organizers have used our platform to sell tickets to everything from rock concerts, food festivalscharity fundraisers and school reunions.

If you are already selling tickets online, you’re likely using one of two methods. Either:

1) You’re selling from your own website, which, depending on the tools you are using, can make it difficult to attract buyers, track sales, send receipts, collect payments, and keep everything straight


2) You’re using one of those massive platforms that holds on to your payments until after the event and offers limited features in exchange for low ticket fees.

There is a better way (and a better place) to sell tickets online. Ticketstripe is user-friendly, offers competitive features, low service fees, and daily deposits.

Our ticketing platform keeps all of your metrics straight and your stats easy to manage while tapping in to the power of search engine optimization, local search results, social sharing, and online payments.

We Make Selling Tickets Online Easier

With Ticketstripe you can:

Create Customizable Events Pages
Use your own company logos, contact information, graphics, sales copy, and brand identity to create pages that are uniquely yours. This is a tremendous marketing opportunity that can help you build essential momentum to turn a single event into a long stretch of successful ones. And there’s no limit to the amount of unique event pages you can create. Tailor individual event pages to target specific audiences and watch your conversion rates climb. Plus, every event page comes with a customizable URL you can easily promote on social media and through traditional outlets like TV and radio.

Share Mobile-Optimized Event Pages
Ticketstripe’s event pages are 100% mobile optimized and viewable on any device—essential for capturing traffic from local searches in your area. 46% of online sales begin at a search engine and Google is king. Two key components of rising to the top of the results is solid local SEO and mobile optimization. (Google actually downgrades sites that aren’t mobile optimized!) And when people break out their smartphones, they’re looking local. 82% of mobile searchers use “near me” filters to find results around the corner. Better yet—88% of local searchers take action within 24 hours!

Use Social Media Effectively
Every Ticketstripe event page has built-in social sharing. This allows your customers to easily share your event with their network, which adds up to free advertising. Plus when people market your event to their friends it’s more effective than cold advertisements could ever be. (Consumers are much more likely to “buy” when a product, service, or event is recommended by a trusted friend.)

Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Ticketstripe makes it easy to track the effectiveness of Facebook advertising with pixel tracking. What is pixel tracking? A pixel is a small bit of code that creates a cookie (or tracking identifier) on a visitor’s browser. This allows organizers to know:

  • How many people are actually engaging with Facebook ads or posts
  • How many people are clicking through to the event page
  • How many people actually buy tickets form Facebook campaigns or content

With this information you can retarget any current campaigns (or create new ones) and redesign adverts to be more effective.

Ticketstripe makes Facebook pixel tracking easy. Start getting that essential analytics data right away.

Create Affiliate Accounts for Your Event
Ticketstripe’s online ticket sales platform lets you easily create an affiliate program to promote your event and sell more tickets online. There’s no limit to the amount of affiliate accounts you can create and each one comes with its own customizable URL.  This magnifies the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and can dramatically increase overall sales.

Track Sales in Real Time
Keeping track of sales is essential for event organizers selling tickets online. The logistics of putting together a huge concert or charity event can be mind boggling for the best of us. Tracking ticket sales in real-time lets you keep your finger on pulse of your event from the start. (You know when to ramp up the marketing, when to offer the upsell, and when to arrange for more seating at the venue!)

Free Events are Always Free
Use Ticketstripe’s full suite of tools to promote free-to-attend events online at zero cost. This is a great opportunity for charities and not for profits to cash in on no-cost online promotion and ticket sales.

Fast Payment Every Time

One of the things that can strangle the success of any event (especially charity events) is lack of cash flow. Unless you have substantial capital at the outset, you’re really limited in terms of what you can do to make your event amazing.

When you sell tickets online with Ticketstripe, we alleviate those cash flow problems with expedited payments.

First, our platform accepts all major credit cards (which makes it easy for your customers to buy).

Second, you get your money within just two days of every ticket sale which can mean daily deposits.

That constant in-flow of cash can help you:

  • Ensure vendors and venues are getting paid on time
  • Add a welcome boost to your advertising campaign when you need it
  • Provide a “cushion” for unforeseen “speed bumps”
  • And increase your overall profitability

Third, Ticketstripe allows you to accept multiple forms of currencies so you’re not shutting out sales at the last minute. (Nothing hurts worse trying to sell tickets online than when a shopper fills their cart then walks away.)

sell tickets online for free and with fast payouts
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Sell Tickets Online with No Limits!

Ticketstripe pulls out all the stops and lets you run as big a ticket sales campaign as you want. Unlike some of these other outlets that sell tickets online, with us you’re free to scale your sales machine up (or down) as needed at any time during the process.

You get:

  • Unlimited event pages—create as many landing/sales pages as you need in order to sell your tickets online to multiple audiences of potential buyers.
  • Unlimited registration and ticket sales—don’t hinder your event’s success with unnecessary restrictions.
  • Unlimited ticket types—Create free tickets, VIP upsells, and special bonus offers to increase the number of tickets you sell online and bump up those incremental profits.
  • Unlimited hidden tickets—Use promotional tickets to drive interest, create contests, and act as rewards for sponsors and exceptional promoters.

Discounted Nonprofit Pricing Makes Fundraising Easy

Need a boost for your annual fundraiser? Sell tickets online. Online sales are a great way for nonprofit organizations to quickly and easily escalate their fundraising efforts to new heights. Your unlimited public and hidden ticket types allow you to accept donations online in various amounts.

Not only does online ticketing eliminate many of the hassles and headaches associated with traditional event organization, it increases your ability to cost-effectively market your event to targeted audiences that are more likely to buy, donate, and participate.

Ticketstripe offers discounted service fees (which are passed on to the buyer) for all nonprofits events so your charitable work goes farther. And free events are always free with Ticketstripe.

Streamlined Check-in

Many platforms will help you sell tickets online but Ticketstripe helps you manage your attendance throughout the entire event planning process—even through the day of! Indeed, creating a great guest experience is one of the easiest ways to ensure word of mouth marketing, increased awareness of your brand, and improved attendance at future events.  Ticketstripe helps you take care of all your ticket holders at the gate with our quick and easy mobile check-in app. Get your guests inside quicker and avoid bottlenecks at the door.

24/7 Email Support

We’re committed to your success. That’s why we offer a host of support services to ensure you get the most from our online ticketing platform. When you choose Ticketstripe to sell your tickets online, you get:

Product Training

You’ll never be caught wondering how to access all of our features or wondering how any of them work. We have product training available so you can take full advantage of our powerful online ticket sales resources in no time.

Customer Success Manager

Accounts selling over 5,000 tickets will also get a success manager who is dedicated to making your experience with Ticketstripe amazing. They will be your go-to resource for tips and tricks and also your primary contact if you have questions. This frees you up to do more important things (like sell your tickets online and handle that influx of revenue.)

Online Chat & Phone Support

Need help fast? No problem. Ticketstripe’s service staff is here to troubleshoot any issues you might have remotely. You can call us on the phone and speak directly or use our handy online chat to get your questions answered and problems fixed fast.

Email Support 24/7 (with Guaranteed 24-Hour Response Time)

Have a more general question or a less pressing need? You’re never left in the dark. Our email support staff offers quick turnaround on all requests with a guaranteed 24 hour response time.

Success Resources

New to event planning and need help to effectively sell tickets online? Need a little guidance and advice? We’ve got you covered. Ticketstripe has created a growing library of success resources you can use to make your event amazing. From picking the venue to planning the event, from promoting your tickets to managing guests at the gate, from capturing metrics and customer feedback to making next year even better—we’ve got you covered.

Let Ticketstripe Help You Sell Your Tickets Online

If you’re in the planning stages of your next event, let Ticketstripe be your online ticket sales partner. Come see the difference that thoughtful planning and a powerful platform can make to your sales, attendance, and profitability.

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