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Selling Event Tickets Online for Free

You have an event. Now you need to figure out how to sell tickets online – and preferably for FREE, right?!

You came to the right place. Ticketstripe let’s you list your event for FREE and gets you paid within two days of every purchase.  If you’d rather wait a number of days (up to a week with some Companies) after the event takes place to get paid, then perhaps you should keep searching.

But, if you are like most of our clients: artists, musicians, venues, promoters, event organizers for the community, restaurant owners, just to name a few; then you want to sell tickets for free and need to collect your proceeds ASAP.

Ticketstripe gives you everything you need to list, promote, and manage your event for Free. Ready to get started?

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Follow these 5 simple steps to sell tickets to your event online…

Create Your Account

  1. Create a Ticketstripe account for Free here
  2. Select Payments to Connect with Stripe (a free merchant account backed by Wells Fargo with no setup fees, no contracts and ready in minutes)
  3. Fill in your bank information for all ticket sale deposits (no credit check required)

Create Your Event Page

Fill in your event details, choose your ticket types, and voilà—your page is ready to share! Make sure you’ve entered a description, image and location. Give your customers everything they need to know so they can purchase tickets without having to leave your event page in search of information.

Chose Your Pricing

  1. Most Popular – Pass on fees, pay nothing: a small service fee is added to every ticket sold and paid by your patron at checkout
  2. Absorb Fees – Select to have fees deducted from your ticket price

Promote Your Event

Ticketstripe offers built-in sharing tools on your event page so you and your attendees can easily spread the word. Want to include your event listing page on your website? No problem! See which sources bring you best results in your Ticketstripe mobile-friendly dashboard.

Track Your Sales

See who’s coming, how much money you’ve made, and stay organized with 24/7 access to your dashboard and reports.