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Create General Tickets

The General Ticket option is best for single tickets, such as Early Bird, General Admission, VIP, Table Seat, Child, Adult, Volunteer, etc. There is no limit to the number of ticket types you can create. For group tickets, see these instructions. For pay-what-you-wish tickets, follow these steps.

How to create a new general ticket:

1. Log in to your Ticketstripe account and click on your event

2. Go to Tickets, click Add Tickets, and select General Ticket from the menu

3. Enter basic information for this ticket

  • Ticket: Name of the ticket type, i.e., Early Bird, General Admission, VIP.
  • Price: The price of the ticket. By default, fees are paid by the buyer. You can update this in More Options.
  • Quantity: The total number of tickets available for this ticket type.

4. Click on More Options to customize your ticket further

  • Short description: Information you enter here will appear under the Ticket name on the event page.
  • Start and end dates: The dates and times your tickets are available to purchase from the event page. Use this for early bird specials or when you want to stop selling tickets at a certain time.
  • Fair market value (nonprofits only):  The FMV for tickets and donations displayed on the buyers’ receipt.
  • Fees: By default, service and processing fees are passed on to the attendee. If you want the buyer to pay only the ticket price you set, select absorb fees to pay fees from your ticket sales. If you want to split fees with the buyer, select pass the service fee to the buyer and absorb the credit card fee.
  • Hide tickets: Check this box to hide this ticket from the public event page. Once you save this ticket, click on the gear icon next to the ticket to copy the Direct Link and share this private ticket. Hidden Tickets are only accessible with that direct link, while tickets that are not hidden are accessible to everyone via your event page. You can hide tickets that are created for use in a Ticket Bundle.
  • Tickets per order: The minimum and maximum amount of this ticket type patrons can buy at once. Use the Max tickets to limit how many tickets a customer can purchase per order and the Min tickets to require a specific number of tickets for this ticket type. A helpful feature for group or promotional tickets.
  • Sales channel: Choose where attendees can buy this ticket type. The default is All channels, which includes the event page and at the door with the Box Office app. Event Page Only means the tickets will not be available for sale via the Box Office (mobile app). Box Office Only tickets will only be available to sell via the Box Office app, not the event page.
  • Message after purchase: The custom message you enter will be visible on the ticket.

5. Click Save

Edit a ticket type:

1. In your event’s Tickets section, click on the Ticket you want to edit.

2. Make changes to your ticket and click Update. Changing the name or price will only affect future sales.

3. To delete a ticket, click on the gear icon next to the ticket type and select Delete. This will remove this ticket from your event page but will not affect previous orders. You can use the Restore button next to the deleted ticket to restore it.


  • Ticket display order: Click on the gear icon next to a ticket to move it to the desired position on the event page (above or below) other ticket types.
  • Event capacity: The total quantity of all tickets sold will not exceed the limit you enter.
  • Delivery method: The default and recommended delivery method is E-ticket. You can choose between E-ticket and Will call. The method you select applies to all ticket types for your event.