Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Pack a Punch with Your Nonprofit

Bake sales, car washes, selling the annual holiday gift wrap– chances are, fundraising has been a part of your life in some capacity or another. Fundraising is the bedrock for any successful nonprofit and allows compensation for your hardworking team while helping you reach your financial goals and align with your overall business vision.

In a day and age where nearly everyone is trying to sell something, your nonprofit fundraising events must be intelligent, compelling, and in sync with your team’s mission and values to attract your ideal audience and keep them interested in your work. But, how do we do that? Ticketstripe has you covered.

We’ve brainstormed some fundraising blueprints designed to create high-impact, low-cost ways to sell tickets. Ready to elevate your nonprofit and keep your patrons engaged and giving? Let’s get started.

1. Power to the People

One of the greatest tools at our disposal in helping audiences feel connected to your nonprofit is to let them be involved in the decision-making. Crowdsource your ideas, and ask your patrons what kinds of events they’d like to be involved in. Provide options for a theme, location, etc., to see if there’s an overwhelming interest in any particular aspect and plan accordingly! By allowing your audience to feel a part of the process, you empower and encourage them to build those long-lasting connections with your nonprofit– bringing them back time and again.

For example, if you love the idea of working locally, work with community artisans and vendors to craft a fundraising festival! Tickets could be sold upon entrance and at each booth, maximizing your potential to meet your financial goals and new contacts. Look for ticketing systems where digital tickets can be saved via Google wallet for quick and easy access.

Have any additional people-first nonprofit fundraising ideas? Feel free to share with us, and we can share them with the community!

2. Social Fundraising

The power of social media is potent. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter are gateways to expand your contacts and speak directly to your target audience. Social media channels have become intricate business cards– allowing readers a bird’s eye view of your mission with a few clicks of a button.

Social fundraising is utilizing the power of social media to attract your target audience, showcase your company’s values, and invite more folks to the conversation. Creating a digital presence allows your viewers to re-post your work from their accounts— driving traffic back to your website and bringing awareness to your nonprofit. There’s incredible power and opportunity with a strategic digital presence– take a peek at our blog article dedicated entirely to the magic of social media to learn more.

3. Tackle the Trends

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Have a particular trending sound stuck in your head, courtesy of TikTok or Instagram? Viral videos have been a sensation for years now and are fantastic at bringing humor and awareness to various causes. When considering potential nonprofit fundraising ideas, look at what’s currently trending and put your unique spin on it. A particular song overtaking the algorithm? Engage your team and community and put on a funny parody. Walk us through a ‘Day In the Life’ of fundraising, or create an aesthetic video of your latest venue space. Knowing what’s trending is always wise and can help attract niche and new people to your soiree.

4. Tug Their Heartstrings

Charity auctions have been wonderful nonprofit fundraisers for decades. Their ability to draw in people and bring genuine aid to organizations in need is a recipe for success. Planning a charitable event is also a superb way to reach out to your community. Be sure to look at the causes important to your target audience, that impact your people directly, and reflect your company’s values when you create your messaging and select your vendors.

Reach out to your digital neighborhood for goodies available to auction off. Invite local restaurants and businesses to be part of the action. Plug your volunteers’ services around your event for a continued relationship with each business.

5. Merchandise Madness

If you’re anything like us, you love representing your favorite teams and organizations with their merch. Merchandise has become a fun way to spread the word and show support for various events and groups. When you’re brainstorming products to promote your nonprofit, we encourage you to think bigger than a keychain and t-shirt (though we love those too!) For goods that your audience will be clamoring to purchase– think about articles that tie back to your nonprofit and things that they will actually use.

While not everyone’s budget has the wiggle room for personalized products– here’s a list of some fresh, financial-friendly merch ideas.

  • Blue light glasses with branded lanyard
  • Sturdy tote bags or backpacks
  • Sanitizer and lip balm

Be thoughtful with whatever materials you choose, and you’ll be sure to reach the right people.

6. Get Outside

Regardless of the temperature, you can plan a delightful nonprofit fundraising event outdoors. Keep it classic with golf tournaments and sporting events, or don’t be afraid to get messy with a ‘Tough Mudder’ or paintball tournament! When the temperature drops, keep things festive with a corn maze, ice skating, or a cozy crafts night with local artists. Whatever you choose, make sure that the event reflects your nonprofit, its over-arching aesthetic, and is accessible to your ideal demographic.

We hope these 6 nonprofit fundraising ideas have helped jumpstart your creative juices to create something magical and meaningful. We’re proud to help elevate nonprofits across the country and would be honored to help your team too.

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