promote my event with Twitter

How to use Twitter to promote your event

Use these 3 proven tips to promote your events on Twitter:

  • Hashtags in your tweets – Hashtag is the # symbol that people use before relevant keywords in their Tweets to label keywords and topics. Doing so allows your tweets to show up when people search those keywords. But, be careful not to spam hashtags! Pick whats most relevant to your event and don’t use more than 2-3 per tweet.

For example: Don’t miss #atb Live at Heat Ultra Lounge

  • Find your audience – Target Twitter users talking about topics related to your event such as the venue, performer, theme, fans and so on.
    • Do this by going to
    • Click on Advanced Search
    • Enter your keywords,¬†location, language and click Search

Start interacting with potential patrons using Reply or Mention. Do this often building up to your event date.

  • Find influencers – Find people who can spread the word. Use Advanced Search or go to Click on Tweeter Elite, Top Cities (for example) and choose your location. Now you can browse the Bios of the most influential people in your area. Reach out, start talking, and build relationships with people you think can help you promote your events.