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Mobile App: Check-In/Scan Tickets

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Ticketstripe’s mobile app lets you quickly scan tickets and check-in attendees at the event. We track each ticket scanned to report which tickets were used and to ensure only valid tickets are granted entry to your event. The Ticketstripe check-in app needs a data connection as it is the only way to ensure that each ticket is only used once when scanning with multiple devices.

Using the app to scan tickets keeps the lines moving and attendees happy. If you have more than one entry point, you can have multiple staff members scan tickets simultaneously. Below we’ll show you how to:

Assign Users

In order to allow staff members to scan tickets and check-in attendees, the event organizer will additional users as Check-In Assistants to their account:

  • Log in to your Ticketstripe account via a web browser
  • Click on Account in the top menu
  • Click on User Access from the side menu
  • Select the Access level from the drop down menu: Check-in Assistant
  • Enter the name and email address of the user. The email you enter will be used as their username. Ticketstripe will send an email to that address inviting them to set a password.
  • Select if you want to allow access to All Events or Select the specific events they will need access to
  • Click Create to finish adding them as a user

TIP: If a user you have added already has an account with Ticketstripe or does not receive an invite, they can always reset their password at the login screen here.

Scan Tickets

Every staff member who will be scanning tickets at the event will need to log in to the mobile app in order to scan tickets. We recommend that team members log in ahead of time and practice scanning tickets before the event to ensure they are comfortable with scanning at the door.

Once you are logged in, to scan a ticket, select your event and tap the orange scan icon. The first time you do this the app will ask to access the camera as it needs to use the mobile camera to scan the ticket barcode.

Point the square you see at the QR code to check an attendee in. Once your camera scanner appears, align the QR code inside of the rectangular view. Your scan will be nearly instant. Follow these tips for successful scanning:

  • Scan only one ticket at a time.
  • Keep your phone in parallel to the ticket you are scanning, not at an angle.
  • A two-hand distance from phone to ticket works well. Try adjusting if the scan is taking longer than usual. After a few scans you will find a camera to ticket distance that works best for you.
  • Wrinkled and damaged paper tickets might be harder to scan, try straightening a ticket out.
  • Keep your fingers out of the rectangular view.

check in mobile app

If the ticket is valid you will get a green notification confirming this attendee is checked in at the bottom of your screen and you can click anywhere on the screen to scan your next ticket. Attendees that are checked in will have an orange check mark next to that name on your attendee list.

Successful Check In

However, if a ticket is already checked in or not valid for your event, you will see a red notification with information about why the ticket could not be checked in. As each QR code is unique for every ticket, it can only be scanned once, which helps prevent fraud and duplicate scanning.

prevent ticket fraud

Check In Attendees Manually

Via the App: If a ticket cannot be scanned, you can look up your attendee by name.

  • Click the back arrow on the top left of your screen to return to the attendee list.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right of your screen to enter attendee’s name.
  • If the customer ordered multiple tickets, you will see each ticket listed separately with the same name.

To manually check in attendees tap on their name and then on the toggle next to “Not Checked In”. When an attendee is checked in you will see that toggle turn orange and a checkmark will appear next to their name in the attendee list. You can also use this toggle to check an attendee out for re-entry.

Check-in data will sync across your account with all mobile devices.

TIP: For the smoothest check in experience try to avoid direct sunlight as that will make it difficult to scan mobile devices. And make sure you have a strong wifi or data connection for faster checkin.

Via a Browser: Using the App for manual check-in is recommended. However, if needed, you also can check attendees in via your Ticketstripe dashboard accessed on a browser.

  • Log in to your account and click on the event
  • Click on Orders
  • Look up the Attendee by name, email, or confirmation #
  • Click on the Attendee name or the gear icon next to their name
  • Toggle the “Checked In” button so it turns green and click Save

Using Printed Attendee Lists

If you prefer to use a printed attendee list to check in users or would like to have it as a “back up”, you can generate and print attendee lists from the “Attendee List” section in your Ticketstripe web dashboard.